Christmas Crafting Chaos!

The Christmas Crafting Chaos has begun!

P1230399I am not EVEN kidding!  This is what my living room looked like two days ago!

P1230400And there are stacks of bins BEHIND me as I took this photo.  sigh.  It’s not usually THIS bad.  Typically I start working on my Christmas stuff the first of October.  With my carpal tunnel surgery the end of September this year though, I had to put it off for nearly a month.  Sorting inventory between Stars and Farmhouse Rustic, crafting new items and STILL purging stuff I haven’t used for years all at the same time made for quite the mess.

P1230481HALF of the mess in my living room is now gone and has turned into THIS, in my booth at Stars.

P1230425Thanks to my son and his new bride, and the Michael’s gift card they gave me for my birthday, I was able to splurge on a new pre-lit 7′ pencil tree.  Sooooo much skinnier than my old tree that took up about 1/4 of my booth.

P1230418I decided on gold and a ‘woodlands’ theme for my tree this year.

P1230419Gold glittered churches and little cold cherubs aren’t entirely woodland, but the rest of the ornaments are.  See the little gold pine-cone ornaments?Clip pn nests

P1230420Clip on nest ornaments that I made.  Hard to see the color of the eggs in this picture, but they are painted gold then dusted with pixie dust glitter (the really fine iridescent white glitter).

P1230421Gold glitter reindeer.

P1230422A slightly better picture of one of the nests; and gold acorn and pine-cone orns.

P1230424Clip on gold glitter birds, with crowns of course!

P1230423A few over-sized gold and glitter to break up all the small decorations; and some shiney brown glass balls.

P1230427A few extra bird ornaments nestled in a vintage gold urn.


A bowlful of brown pine-cone ornaments and a vintage owl creamer.
P1230413A bowl of big gold jingle-bells and another with mercury glass balls.  How cute is that silver plated nutcracker salt shaker?

P1230415Another vintage owl creamer and owl salt and pepper set.
P1230416Pretty gold trimmed vintage casserole dish and a small dove topped dish.

P1230428Vintage Santa punch or egg nog bowl.

P1230431Lots of boxed sets of vintage glass ornaments.

P1230430Music box; top lifts off with a candy dish below.

P1230435Santa head glass ornaments.

P1230449Under the tree, a basketful of assorted ‘extras’, gold glitter stars, printed ribbon/garland and more of the sheer gold tulle ribbon that I used as garland on my tree.

P1230425The gold tulle ribbon garland is very ‘subtle’ and barely even noticeable in the photos, but it adds a shimmery softness to the overall look of the tree.  I always use tulle as garland in my trees.

Here is the order that I add things to my tree: Lights first of course – tulle garland – bead garlands – BIG ornaments evenly spaced – medium size ornaments – then lastly fill in with your smallest orns.

P1230451Vintage candle stand holds extra ornaments.

P1230452In keeping with the woodland theme, I made several of the gold owls with crowns in the top larger opening.  I filled the rest of this huge cubby shelf with vintage Tom & Jerry mugs, Santa mugs, footed hot toddy mugs  . . .

P1230426A gold Christmas crown of course!

P1230444Vintage baby dolls on a vintage child’s chair.

P1230468Gold decorated vintage ice skate.

P1230436Vintage milk glass serving platters.

P1230437The largest one is embossed with a turkey and gold-rimmed.  What a treasure!

P1230462A set of vintage hand painted turkey salt and pepper shakers with the original box.


Headed out to do some major ‘treasure hunting’ tomorrow, then deliver to Farmhouse Rustic in Oregon City next week.  Last weekend she moved her shop around the corner to a BIGGER space, so I’ll have LOTS MORE stuff to take pictures of to show you!