Yep, Gold.  While I’ve almost always had ‘little touches’ of gold mixed in with my offerings; all of a sudden I had a LOT of gold and decided to make it a focal point display on the back wall of my booth at Stars.


This wall is usually reserved for displaying my signs, but now that I have closed my etsy shop and am letting my sign supply dwindle, I can finally do some varying displays on the back wall.


This large gold metal wall basket is filled with upcycled gold framed cork boards.  Smallest ones start at $8.00 up to the largest priced at $19.00.


I’ve been holding onto this metal basket for YEARS!!  I always wanted to use it as a ‘bed crown’ by turning it upside down.  Alas, I don’t have enough room in my booth for a bed.  I finally decided to just use it as intended.

Here are some pictures from Pinterest of bed crowns, just in case you couldn’t quite picture what they are.


Gold framed shadow box can be used to display items IN the frame and on top of it.



This cute little metal frame was painted black when I bought it; but I could see that it had originally been gold.  I just refreshed the gold paint.

I extended the gold theme to below and beside the wall display.

I had actually been setting this gold stuff aside for next February’s Junk Salvation show.  Alas, the Washington County Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall, where the show has always been held, was recently ‘condemned’ and deemed unsafe for use, and will be torn down in the very near future.  Sooooooooooooo . . . .  I will not be doing the show ‘one last time, for old time’s sake’.

I’m quite certain that ‘the show WILL go on’; in a different facility.  The promoter was already feeling like maybe it was time to look for a bigger space.  For me, given that it was going to be my LAST booth show anyhow, (health reasons) it’s just not worth the extra work to ‘get my bearings’ in a new facility.  Having a routine ‘down pat’ for delivering and setting up; and being close to my son’s job for him to help me unload, factored hugely in my capacity to do the show.  PLUS, the old location was super close to home for me; which was a BIG “+” factor for me in deciding to do the show.

So, next year I will have to settle for just being a spectator at the Junk show.  I’ll still keep you informed of the dates and new location.

Gold frames???

Personally I am not a fan of gold frames.  But I found these beautifully embossed gold frames at an estate sale and decided to ‘give a shot’ at selling them ‘as found’.


A matching pair of them even!

P1130143Very intricate detailing!


This picture is a bit more ‘true to the color’; and shows how I had them displayed at Stars.  USUALLY frames, ANY frames that I stock, sell super quickly; so I typically don’t ‘display them’.  But these 2 gold ones just sand sat!   Time to re-think my selling strategy!

P1130051I left the 2 black & gold ones ‘as is’ for now.  Will decide whether or not to repaint them depending upon how it goes with these first two that I am painting.  (besides that black velvet stuff soaks up paint like a sponge!)

P1130109And I displayed them better than just piling them in a suitcase!

P1130160This is all I’ve done with them so far; just a quick dry brush paint with white.  I’m unimpressed!

P1130160 P1130158It looks cool up close like this, but at a distance it just looks DINGY.  sigh.

P1130157So what next?!?!?  I could paint them completely white, then  distress; which would be almost the opposite of what I have now.  The raised parts would be the dark/gold areas (IF the gold doesn’t sand off too easily!)  And IF the gold does sand off too easily I can always paint over what I’ve test sanded and then just use an antiquing glaze.  But I just hate covering up such pretty detail!!!

I’m in a real quandary over these frames! Normally I but stuff that is so beat up it doesn’t matter if I mess them up more!!!  That’ll teach me to buy nice things!!!

What do YOU think I should do with them???  Black paint perhaps, then to raised gold parts with show through when I sand???  It’s not really the time of year for black, but I could set them aside til fall I suppose.  OR maybe I should just go with my signature beachy blue?!?!?