Hmmmmmmm . . .

A trip to the laundry mat has me ‘re-thinking’ my Goodwill shopping strategy.  Last Sunday Michael and I made the ‘dreaded trip to the laundromat’ to wash all our blankets and down comforters.  Would have taken me all WEEK to do them at home, not to mention that since we are on well water, we really don’t have enough water to do all that extra laundry.

I HATE waiting for laundry.  So we put the clothes in to wash and zipped down the road to McDonald’s for lunch.  Came back and put the clothes into dryers, then went across the street to Goodwill to pass the time.

Now I really AM, very seriously, in ‘use up what I have mode’, BUT I still need to shop for the things I can’t make; and to keep the the right ‘product blend’ in my booth.  Afterall, Stars IS an ‘antique mall’!  Have to be sure I keep the ‘majority of vintage stuff.

USUALLY I do my thrift shopping on Wednesdays, on my way home from stocking my booth at Stars; because Wednesday is ‘senior discount day’.  AND because I really don’t want to make an extra trip JUST for thrifting.  Gas is so expensive and we live so far out that I really have to carefully plan and combine my trips.

I also try, as much as possible to look for the ‘half price color tag’ of the week when I am at GW. A few times when I have gone on Wednesday (or even later in the week) there are barely ANY of the half price color tags to be found?!?! And I have occasionally wondered if they didn’t PULL all the color tag half price items.  It’s has been that bad at times!

It was totally the OPPOSITE yesterday though!  Everything I picked up had a green tag (color of the week)!!!  We only had a short while to shop, and get back to the laundromat,  But I could have spent a LOT more money AND gotten everything I bought at half price!

I always knew the new color started on Sundays.  But never really thought it mattered WHEN I shopped.  MOST customers in the store are shopping ‘retail’, so they are happy with the regular prices.  But since I need to ‘mark mine up’ enough to cover rent, commission, gas and a pinch of re-investing money; I want the lowest prices I can possibly get.  So now I’m thinking that maybe I should plan my GW shopping days for Sunday from now on!!

I’ll certainly ‘explore the option’ more carefully at the very least.  More half priced items beats out the 5% senior discount any day!!!

Do you do your thrifting on one particular day of the week?  Or find some days better than others??