Skull on a stick

I’ve been waiting and WAITING for these glitter skeleton skulls to come in at the dollar store so I could make some more ‘skulls on a stick’ for this year:

The aforementioned waiting has been to no avail.  NO glitter skulls came in this year.  sigh.

But I did find these hollow plastic skulls that I had stashed away last year, to so something similar with.

Since these skulls are a heavier, hollow plastic (as opposed to the others that were solid styrofoam) I couldn’t just ‘poke a stick in them’ as I had done previously.  Plus, the ones from last year proved difficult to display.  Had to put them in a bud vase, which worked ‘okay’ but they kind of tilted forward too much.

Keeping that ‘design flaw’ in mind, I searched through my stash to see what ELSE I could use as a stick that might ‘stand on it’s own’.  Taper candle sticks should do the trick!  And I just happened to have three of them already painted black!  I glued the skulls to the candle holders with e6000. 

Click here to see how I made the ones from last year

I glued some light blue rhinestones in all the eye sockets; added some fluff and frills around the necks, and gave them each their own unique head dress.  This one a mini black top hat.  One with a little black pipe cleaner tiara.  And the other with a tiara attached to a paper crown.  (the silver plastic tiara I used was actually a HAIR COMB, that I broke the comb off of, and glued to the paper crown).

All three of these lovelies have gone to my space at Stars.  Last time I checked, 2 of them had already sold.

More (mostly!) handcrafted Halloween decor

Big bottle of witches brew!  Vintage half gallon glass bottle found at a rummage sale.  Label printed on stained paper (My recipe for ‘tea stain’; not actual TEA) and glued on.  Glitter spider and skull border purchased in scrapbook supply section at craft store.  Mini glitter skeleton was part of a garland that I cut apart.


Stone gargoyles under glass cloches.  (priced separately)

LOTS of  little Halloween framed things.  This one I used old book pages for the background and to print my word on.  Orange tagboard frame from a set of assorted frames found in the scrapbook section.  Gothic style black frame.

Vintage gold frame; old dictionary page backing; raven silhouette (bought pre-cut); another tagboard frame, this time a black one and quotation printed on old book page.  When creating these things I ‘play around’ with the various components; trying different arrangements to find which I like best before I glue anything in place.

Glitter foam bats (leftover from last year!) mounted on old book pages and in vintage gold frames.

More of the black silhouettes.  This owl on al old book page with a heavily stained mat border and frame without glass.

Spider and web silhouettes bought already cut out.

ALL of these items have gone to my space at Stars for sale.