Need your input please

I’m working on a ‘composition doll’ project and can’t decide whether the wings should face UP or DOWN.  Usually when I’m in a quandary,  I’ll ask Michael for his input.  But there are only 2 choices here and we each like the opposite better.

Here’s what I started with.  A poor raggedy doll from the thrift store.

Here’s what she looked like after I took the scissors to her!!  Poor baby!!  What’s that wire thing on the left???  I’m using it the try to create a ‘Santos like’ cage doll.

I applied some Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze to the head, hands and fabric to grubby it up a little.

Then hand stitched her top half and the cage skirt together.

Neatness doesn’t matter because when finished it won’t show.

Then I needed to find something to use as the base. Ah~HA!!  An old cheese board might work!

Perfect fit!!  I glued it in place with some e6000

I actually ‘dressed’ her BEFORE I added the wood base.  Just forgot to take pictures before moving on.  First, a hand stitched 2 layer tulle petticoat; stitched on.

Then a vintage lace skirt, hand gathered and stitched in place.

Nice and POUFFY with that petticoat underneath!

A scrap lace waist band glued into place.

A lace collar glued into place to cover up an untidy head connection.  Then a lace shawl, cut from a piece of vintage lace and glued into place with a button closure.

The original hair was pretty easy to just YANK off; but there was a big dark brown spot that it covered up.   Since I plan to only giver her a crown (no new hair!) I needed to disguise that brown spot.  A bit of flesh colored paint topped with the tobacco glaze worked just fine.  It won’t show a WHOLE lot with the crown, so it just needed to ‘blend in’.

For the crown, I glued some vintage hymnal pages to cardstock.  sized it to her head and glued in a circle and let glue dry.   then with a very pointy pair of scissors, cut my crown points.

 View of the top of the head with the crown in place.

MIGHT glue a small doily round to cover that spot up, not sure yet.  The crown will be the last thing to attach, so I’ll see how I feel about that when the time comes.

The more I looked at her, the more I felt she needed ‘something more’.

Maybe angel wings???

I took a bag of fabric rose petals from Dollar Tree to make ‘feathers’ for the wings.

Cut each petal into 2 feathers, one slightly bigger than the other.

Grubbied up the ‘feathers’ with my tea stain recipe.

Cut the wings out of some cardboard and individually glued on each feather.  THIS is where I need your input.  Should the wings face DOWN, like in this picture?

Or UP like in this picture???  OR maybe it’s not just the ‘positioning of the wings?!?!  Now that I look at the pictures, maybe they are just too BIG for this doll and I need to make a smaller pair?  A smaller pair that goes straight out and doesn’t have to be faced UP or DOWN????

Book pages wreaths ~ revisited

LOVE all the different stuff bloggers are doing with old book pages these days!  It saddens me a tad to rip old books apart, but the end results just make you love the written word on a whole new level! 

It seems to have started with the ones with pages rolled into cone shapes and attached to a backing in a circular shape.  I passed on making any of those.  While I LIKE them, they just weren’t quite ‘my thing’.  THEN I saw (STILL cannot remember where!!) someone who had cut leaf shapes out of old book pages to make a wreath like this:

And I KNEW I had to make one.

Quite simple really; quick and easy.  The most time consuming part was covering the foam wreath form with paper!

Michael thought it needed ‘more color’.  That it was too plain.  So, I didn’t make any more for a looooooooooooooooooong time.  Decided to ‘get back into it’ on Monday, while I was resting up from setting up at our new space.  Cutting out leaves while watching TV was sedate enough to get rested, but productive enough to not feel like I’d wasted a day.

I came across a batch of leaves that I had TORN instead of cutting; and inked the edges.   My old arthritic hands did not like tearing out all those little leaves very much!  But this batch was done, so I worked with it.

Glued strips of pages to my green foam wreath from Dollar Tree.

Then hot glued the leaves to the wreath, one by one.

It DOES have more color and texture than the plain cut leaves one, but it still was not quite right.  And I actually liked the PLAIN one better than this one!  Was wishing I had some really OLD yellowed pages to work with!  HEY!!!  I can MAKE them look old with my grubby stain!!!

So I cut out a bunch more leaves.  Lightly spritzed my cookie sheet with some water so the paper leaves would ‘stick in place’.  Then I sprayed the whole sheet with my grubby stain.  (this is my own special recipe and does NOT use coffee or tea.  Can be made unscented or lightly scented.)   Turn the oven on to it’s LOWEST setting.  As soon as it reaches temp, TURN IT OFF!!!  Put your pan of wet stained leaves into the warm oven.  Don’t turn the oven back on!!  There will be enough heat to dry up your ‘leaves’ in about 10-15 minutes.

Look how beautifully they dry up.  Various shades of brown, some with darker edges and some nicely curled; just like REAL leaves do when they dry up!

Then I just get out my trusty hot glue gun and glue them to my covered wreath form!!

Love, love, love how these turned out!!!

And I couldn’t stop making them!!!

I didn’t even have to add any kind of ‘hanger’ to them.  The wreath part sticks out enough on the back to plop onto a nail.

I’m going to ‘go out on a limb’ and predict here and now that tea stained book pages wreaths will be the next ‘big thing’!  I wonder if I’m really the first one to think of this???  I know I haven’t seen it anywhere else before and came up with the idea all on my own.  But that doesn’t mean lots of other creative folks haven’t come up with the very same idea! 

Will be interesting to see!

* The inked edges wreath has gone to Stars.  The stained ones will be going to Camas.

Happy Thanksgiving!

When we think about what we are thankful for, I’d imagine our freedom living in America is at the top of the list for most of us. 

Michael likes those ‘car window flags’ that flap in the wind as you drive along.  It doesn’t take long for them to get quite ripped up.  And of course I CAN’T let him just toss them out when he buys a new one.  But what to do with them?!?!? 

Well, first I ‘stained’ it with my secret recipe stain.  Had to spray it with the stain several times before it was ‘grubbied to my satisfaction’.  These flags are made of synthetic fabric, so the stain doesn’t take as well as it does on natural fibers.

I had five or six flags.  Put the first one in an 8×10 frame (which I had distressed) with a grubby tag added.

But I could only get ONE use per flag this way, and I had some scraps left from this one and wanted a way to use those.  So, I found some smaller frames. 7×7 frames with a 4×6 mat included.  I tea stained the mats, printed up some Americana sayings (using my computer) on tea stained paper, then started cutting, tearing and gluing!

Some of the ‘flags’ I pieced together by just gluing (Alene’s tacky glue, which is what I almost always use!) a square of the star fabric onto a strip of the stripes fabric.  Glued the flag to the back of the mat; then glued the torn saying to the front of the mat.

Here’s a close up of some of the smaller ones.