Final Halloween inspirations for 2011

As I already mentioned, I packed away all my Halloween and fall supplies a couple of weeks ago, and am working feverishly on Christmas stuff at this point in time.  Losing an entire week of ‘production time’ from that bee sting really put me in ‘panic mode’ to get ready for the upcoming show.  And in all the hoopla I forgot to post pictures of the last batch of Halloween decorated bottles I did.  So, here ya go!

Craft store packaged labels, Dollar Tree skulls glued on top (using e6000 adhesive) and skull and crossbones cut from a border piece.

Old spice jars with spray painted lids.

Spice jars with stained paper added behind the labels.


Stained paper glued and tied around the tops of bottles.  Little skeleton came from a Dollar Tree garland that I cut apart.








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Repurposed spice rack: Halloween decor

Just for fun.  Turned an old spice rack into a Halloween “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” apothecary set.

I almost passed this set up.  (includes spice jars)  But Michael pointed out that I could al least ‘use the little jars’, so I went ahead and bought it at a local rummage sale a few weeks ago.

With a little bit of work and creativity, I turned it into this!

Having NO idea what I could use the knife  for, I used some scrap cardboard to glue on and cover it up.  On second thought, I could maybe use ONE hole to post some sort of banner in, so I punched one hole in the cardboard at the back corner.  Then painted the entire holder black.

The bottles DID have their glass toppers, but when I washed the bottles, they all came apart.  (the plastic cork part came off the glass knob part.  sorry, no pic!) I could have glued them back together and then glued them in place on the jars, but decided to save them for another project. (they kinda look like little ‘genie’ bottles!)

So, after I spent a couple of HOURS scrounging the house and my craft supplies for bottle contents and clever labels for such contents; I cut out circular topper from stained cardstock to glue to the tops of the bottles.  (things like this tend to get opened up and messed with in the mall, IF you make them accessible!)  Then I cut apart a skull and bones border paper I had to put on the top of each.  Glued on a little rubber mouse too.

Thought long and hard about what to print on the banner.  Didn’t want it to be TOO Halloween exclusive; so Sorcerer’s Apprentice fit the bill.

Close up of some of the jar labels.


Eyes of newt.

Snake eggs.  These little round ‘things’ are ‘vase fillers’ I bought at Dollar Tree.  Used a magic marker for the newt eyes.  You could also make the white ones into eyes if you wanted to.

Wing of bat; made by cutting up some black fabric leaves.

Ash of eel; a little black glitter mixed with sand.


Magic dust: iridescent glitter

Wombat hair: Short cuts bits of excelsior

Spider legs: trimmed some black brush bristles

Firefly wings: Cut up little pieces of screen

Dragon’s breath: Some cream colored tulle

Poison: coarse gravel


Paper Halloween crowns

Handcrafted cardboard crowns.  (I re-use old cereal boxes to make mine!)

Cardboard crown covered with black patterned scrap-book paper; medallion made from vintage sheet music.  Halloween Queen tag printed up on my computer and hand torn, then stained the edges; and a nice big black feather!

Vintage sheet music crowns with hand formed black chenille embellishments.




And with a little more embellishments!


And hop over to my Dollar Diva blog to check out some more crowns using these Halloween images I found at Dollar Tree!

Halloween ‘quickie’ craft!

Vampire and google eyed bats!

Got this package of 16 foam bats at the craft store.  The price tag says $2.99, but I’m SURE they were on sale for less!  Eight of them were ‘glittery’ and 8 of them were plain.  I used the shown above red glitter glue to make red eyes on the glittery ones.

The red eyes show up better once the glitter glue has dried.  Makes them look like VAMPIRE bats!

For the non glittery bats, I gave them GOOGLE eyes!  ON this one, I did one bigger and one smaller eye; just for fun.  Most of them I did matching eyes though.


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Halloween goodies just added to our space at Stars!

OOPS!  This picture came out blurry!  But it’s the only one I took of the ‘overall’ Halloween area.  sigh.  but you’ll be able to see all the details clearly in the following close up pictures.








And some ‘fall’ pretties . . .



Wood ‘porch pumpkins’. 

P.S.  Because someone asked, and because I forgot to mention OR show; I’ve added a picture and explanation of how we attached the ‘stands’ to the backs to these porch pumpkins to make them ‘free standing’.  Just scroll back to the original post showing them to see.

Just added a bunch of pretty cloches to the space too. 

And a few pretty glittery gourds!

The glittered gourds are SO versatile!  They look beautiful on the Thanksgiving table, and are elegant enough to leave out through Christmas!

Some cloches with pedestal stands too.



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