Apothecary chests, firkins and treasure boxes

Reproduction firkins.


Handcrafted little apothecary chests.  I bought the little drawer parts, and had Michael cut and attach the back handle pieces to them.  Can you see the ‘itty bitty bun feet’ on this one?  How sweet are those?!?!?  I want to put bun feet on everything now!

You can just baaaaaaarely see them on this treasure chest, but it’s got the bun feet too!  All of these treasure chests are completely handmade by Michael and me using reclaimed wood for the boxes.

We also have the boxes, and handles and feet etc, avaialbe unfinished if you want to create your own.

And we have the carved wood appliques (like I used on the front of this one) available to purchase unfinished.  They are great for dressing up any simple piece of furniture.


Pictures of previous one of a kind handcrafted items:


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Sophie’s Super Savings Club!

Those of you who were members of the ‘Frequent Shoppers Club’ in the old store; your cards have been carried over.  With one small exception.  At the end of each year, cards with only ONE purchase on them will be discarded.  I was just getting too many ‘onsies’ filling up my file box.

Those of you who are new to the store, here’s the scoop:

To join Sophie’s Super Savings Club, just ask at the counter with your next purchase.  I will fill out a card for you with your name on it.  I keep the cards and track your purchase amounts, so you don’t have to to anything except shop and earn points!

The point system awards you points per dollars spent.  ALL regular priced purchases earn points.  (Already discounted purchases do not earn points, because you are already getting a discount on them.)

When you have reached 100 points, you can redeem your points for a 10% discount on your entire regular priced purchase.  (not on just one item, but your ENTIRE purchase!)  OR . . . .

You can let your points accumulate to 200, for a 20% discount.  OR  . . . . .

You can let your points accumulate to 300, for a 30% discount!

Once you have redeemed a discount, those points are subtracted from your card and you start working on your next discount.   How easy is that?!?!?!


Have me jot down the month and day of your birthday on your Savings Club Card, and you will get a 20% discount on your entire regular priced purchase for your birthday . . . AND double points on your card!  Remember, you usually don’t earn points on discounted purchases, so this is a great opportunity to rack up some points for a bigger discount later!

Now I know that your birthday can be a busy time, so if you can’t get in during your birthday week, you can still use your birthday discount another time.  Since I make a notation on your shoppers card when you do use your birthday discount, I’ll know if you have or haven’t yet used it already, SO you can pretty much use it ANY time, as long as it’s just once a year!