B. Y. O. B.

That’s Build Your Own Basket!  (as in gift basket!) 

I found this ‘piece’ made from ten wine crates at the thrift store a while back.  Had NO IDEA what I was going to do with it; but it was unique and the price was right.

UNFORTUNATELY, I didn’t look at the back side of it, and the crates on the back weren’t painted the same as the front! 

Time to experiment with paint and see if I can mix something up to match the rest of the paint color.

Not a bad match if I do say so myself!  Now, what to use it for?!?!?!  Ten empty cubbies to fill up . . .  but the lower ones and especially the ones on the backside aren’t terribly visible since things not at eye level are easily overlooked. 

I decided to create a build your own gift bag or box station out of it.  The gifts items in the top part and the boxes and bags in the lower part.  Since most people don’t want price tags on items they are giving as gifts, (and it’s a pain to remove price tags!) I decided that I wouldn’t put price tags on the items in the gift station, but have everything be the same price; so no price tags are needed. 

I filled it with assorted journals, notecards, listpads, bookmarks, pocket calendars and magnets.

By stacking them upright in the top bins I had room for LOTS of variety!  For the items that wouldn’t fit in the top part here, I used baskets and put them on the upper shelves on the backside.

Lip gloss, bath fizzies, shower gel, lotion, bath beads, candles . . .

Then I filled the rest of the lower shelves with ‘ready to use’ gift bags with tissue paper, curly ribbon and a hand made tag.

And I couldn’t let that little area between the top and bottom go to waste, so I put a few extra bags, left flat, in there.

The perfect spot to ‘grab a gift’ and go! 

All items are retail priced at $3.95; which means Sophie’s price is just $2.00!  You can put together a very nice gift box, basket of bag containing four items for just $10.00. 


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