We’re havin’ a HEATWAVE!

Summer took it’s sweet ole time arriving here in the Pacific Northwest, and now it’s here with a vengeance!!!  Mid to upper 90’s all week.  Hit 99 here at home today.  I know that’s nothing compared to many parts of the country, so I shan’t complain any further. 

Let’s do some JUNKIN”!

These are the things I found during our daycation.  Vintage rolling TV cart?  I totally remember having one like this!

Darling little round table.  Fairly well damaged top, but a  little time and elbow grease will turn this into a beauty. 

LOVE the tapered edges on this table!

Lots of elbow grease needed here too!

Wonder how many layers of paint I’ll discover when I start sanding this one?!?

Almost TOO rusty old corner shelf.  What, you didn’t know there was such a thing as ‘too rusty’?  Well, for LOOKS, no; but structurally . . .at some point things will rust all the way through.  The remedy?  A clear spray coat will halt the rusting process, but not hide any of that beautiful rust!

A few shutters and a table leg.

NOW if it will just cool down enough that I can stand to go outside and paint!