Little birds; from spring to Holiday BLING!

Had just a few of these little resin birds with the wire feet left over from spring, and decided to try and do something with them for the holidays.  I tend to mostly design stuff with birds for spring decor, but birds really are popular decor items year round.  Here’s my first attempt to Holiday Bling some little birds:

First I added some irridescent white glitter to just the wings and tails.

I usually make the little crowns out of cardboard or cardstock; but these were SO SMALL that  I couldn’t roll the cardstock without it creasing.  So I just used a double layer of paper for these.  Glued 2 sheets of paper together and let dry.  Sized and cut to fit the birds heads (used a big old magic marker to roll it around) and glued into a circle.  Let dry again, then hand cut the points; apply glue to entire outside of crown and roll in silver glitter.  Shake off excess glitter and let dry overnight.  Used my hot glue gun to attach crowns to heads.

I don’t have the rest of my holiday crafting supplies out yet (still working on Halloween!) so I don’t have anything else to ‘work with’ to create a vignette to display the birds in.  Maybe stand them amongst some votive candles on a tray?  Or build a nest out of silver pipe cleaners?  Or in bowl of glittered pine cones???  What would YOU do with these blinged out birds???