Wreath made from old book pages

Been seeing lots of book pages wreaths in blog land for quite some time. And while I do love the look of the cone shape rolled pages ones, I just couldn’t ‘get on board’ to make one. While blog surfing last week I came across a link that took me to another link which took me to another one (you know how THAT is!) and I finally saw a book pages wreath I wanted to make.

But of course I cannot for the life of me remember where I saw the idea. Please LMK if you happen to know, as I would like to give that person credit for the idea.

First I covered a dollar store round foam wreath with pieces of pages using tacky glue. It took some work to get it to adhere. Had to scrunch down on each section for a minute of so as I went along. I let mine dry overnight.

I used my hot glue gun to attach the leaves; which were cut freehand from folded book pages in slightly varying sizes.. sorry, no pics of the leaf attaching process. Hot glue and the ensuing ‘threads’ really annoy me and I get side tracked! Just glue the leaves in a circular motion, slightly overlapping each other until you have the coverage you are content with.

I added a black ribbon for hanging. It easily slipped between the leaves of the finished wreath.

And here it is! Michael thinks it’s a bit too plain. I happen to like the simplicity of it. But, might try inking the edges of my leaves on the next one.

It is currently for sale in my space at Stars.

You like this version better as opposed to the rolled pages kind???