Quick Change

Well, not really all THAT quick (it took me three hours), but a considerable change in my booth layouts.


My original ‘plan’ to put in a completely new vignette in my little wall booth has been abandoned.  I’m not abandoning the space, just the idea for changing it out.  Why?


My thought process in deciding to change it up monthly was that it was a small enough space and it would be fairly easy to do so.  It was a LOT more work than I had anticipated.    Not that I necessarily eschew hard work, but it was getting to be too much for my ‘bad back’ to handle.


AND the aisle along the back is much narrower than the central aisles.   It was next to impossible to move stuff around without blocking the aisle for shoppers to traverse.  So I decided to put mostly small items in my wall booth.  Small stuff is easier to stock without getting in the way of shoppers.

P1370322Fortunately for me, the owner scheduled a ‘dealer work shift’ Saturday, which gave dealers 3 hours to work without any customers.  I took advantage of that time to move the big metal rack from my big boot to the wall space.  Which sounds fairly simple, but it was a pretty big undertaking.

First I had to empty and move four shelves on the back aisle side of my big booth in order to access the big metal shelf.  Then I had to empty the metal shelf.  Move the stuff that was in the area of the wall booth where I was going to put the metal shelf; then move that big heavy shelf to the wall space.  Put all the product back on the metal shelf.  Figure out where I wanted to put the four shelves I had moved out of the way.  Then figure out where to put the stuff I had taken from the wall space!  Believe me, I needed every MINUTE of the three hours allotted for us to work without any interference.

Normally I have what I am going to do with my booths pretty well thought out ahead of time.  As soon as I decide to take a new piece of furniture in, I start thinking about where I will put it and how I will move things around.  So I had measured ahead of time and knew where I was going to move the big metal shelf to, but beyond that I just drew a blank.  Had to ‘wing it’ this time.  I’ll be changing this up again next week when I take the leftover Christmas product from the show in, and pull the last little bit of fall left.


It feels SO much bigger without that metal shelf in the middle!

Took these two cute little upcycled tables in last week.

The bottom photo here is the space where the big metal shelf used to be.  Haven’t quite decided what I want to do there.  This will do for fine for now though.

Some pretty vintage liqueur bottles.  Perfect for putting homemade liqueurs for gift giving in.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ready or not . . .

 . . . . Thanksgiving, the Christmas will be here before you know it.  I’m getting a head start and brought in a few holiday decor things to my booth at Stars this week.  Then tomorrow I deliver to the ‘Every Husband’s Nightmare’ show in Hillsboro.  After that show ends next Saturday, I’ll have even MORE holiday goodies to bring to Stars.

Here’s what I’ve done to start off the season:

P1370188I think my decorating theme for this year is ‘simple elegance’.  Lots of pretty vintage glass baubles in jars and bowls with mini fairy lights give off a truly magical glow!

It’s almost impossible to truly capture the beauty of the little lights in pictures and in the well lit store; but you get the idea.  Some of these arrangements are ‘all inclusive’ pieces, where I have priced the container with the lights and baubles to be sold together as one item.  The rest of them are priced individually so you can just buy what you need.  If you already have the glass baubles and just need the container to put them in, OR if you have the container and just need a few more glass baubles.

SO many different ways to display these holiday lovelies.  Think outside the box and use what you have to place your ornaments in.  Or buy something that will serve multiple purposes.

P1370193This is actually a cupcake stand!  Pretty little boxes with bows always add a festive touch to your decor, and you’ll have a gift box handy if you need one for a last minute gift!

P1370189I’m pretty sure that the white metal stand filled with ornaments was intended for this very purpose.  But you could also use it at Easter to hold your colored eggs.

Milk glass punch and candy bowls look pretty filled with ornaments too!

You can even fill the dome lid of your cake stand with baubles!  It’s a bit of a tricky process and you have to be sure that no one inadvertently takes the lid off ‘to see what will happen’.  A mess.  A mess will happen.  Which is why I didn’t fill the ones in my booth with glass baubles!

I’ve got some awesome vintage crystal snack plates with cups for you holiday entertaining.  And some beautiful silver espresso cups and saucers.

There is never a shortage of Milk Glass dishes or vases in my booth!  The milk glass vases are really pretty with vintage glass baubles on top of them too!

Always a plentiful supply and variety of stoneware dishes too.  Be sure you have all the serving bowls and platters you will need for serving your holiday feast.

P1370208I hate to admit it, but my wall space become more of a depository for ‘all the stuff I can’t fit into my big booth’, as opposed to a theme planned vignette.  A few bits of fall still available in my wall space.

Stop on by and get into the holiday spirit.

Stars is open 7 days a week; 11am – 6pm.

New pictures from Stars

SO, I had intended to get around to posting these pictures yesterday.  Alas, THAT post kind of went WAY out in left field (sorry for such a LONG rant!) BUT, writing it all down DID bring me some clarity and a few new insights to mention my next appointment.

Anyhoooooooooooooo . . .I was really short on time at Stars and had a lot I wanted to move around.  Got about HALF of it done!  Didn’t get ANY of the new product out, but at least the major stuff that I wanted to move, got moved.  So next week will be an easy trip.  Here are the new pictures:

Moved this shelf from the back right side of the booth, to the front; and moved some of the white dishes from the small booth to here.

This cubby shelf is just sitting on top of  the lower shelf; and holds all the crocks and dark ironstone.

White dishes moved from other space.

Also moved this cubby shelf from the small space.  It was on top of the big enamel table.  HOPING that if I clear some of the clutter off that table, that it will SELL!

Still a lot of white dishes in the smaller booth; just not as crammed in!

Put some lighter and more open and easier to move stuff on top of the table for now.

You can better SEE how big the table really is now.

I did get a couple of new items taken in; like this awesomely rusty metal corner shelf!

Little old step ladders are great display pieces!

I always seem to cluster the round tables together!  Never have enough ROOM to spread them out!

Old book love.

I’m always amazed at how much I can cram into such a small space!

Dessert pedestal plates.

Vintage rusty cart (with electrical outlet!) and vintage sweeper.

Bring mom in for a Mother’s Day shopping treat!

Restocked at Stars

Spent FIVE hours stocking and rearranging my two spaces at Stars yesterday.  Both booths are PACKED with goodies!

AAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  My digital camera must be ready to be retired.  I’ve NEVER had problem with focus in the past, but all of a sudden, HALF my pictures are ‘fuzzy’.  And I can’t really tell when I take the pic if it’s blurry with just that tiny window to view the results in.  sigh.  Well, for now it’s either blurry pictures or NO pictures at all.  We deliver to the show tomorrow so I don’t have time to go back and re-take photos.

But at least it IS stocked up enough to last the week, should I be too busy with the show to get back in right away.

Added LOTS of new product to my second booth too!

New display in the big lantern.

LOTS of new cloches!

Vintage child size ballet slippers under a make-do Paris chic cloche.

BIG bird cloche.

And of course all the birds have CROWNS!

A REAL cloche is a rare find!  Even rarer, to find one priced reasonably enough to re-sell!  It has a very tiny chip along the rim (just below the price tag if you are looking in person)  Still, it’s an AWESOME piece!  AND a darn good deal at just $29.00



Especially love the cloches that are BIG enough to create a vignette under.





Shell topped cloche.

another ‘beachy’ cloche with a starfish handle.

SO glad I thought of the crowns for the birds.  They really add that perfect finishing touch and unique aspect.  IF you already have your own birds and/or cloches and just need some little crowns, I’ve got those available too:

In a 2/pk for just $4.00.  Just silver glitter for now.  Will get some of the vintage sheet music ones done after the show.  And I DO have some of the crowns listed in my etsy shop.   They are a tad more expensive on etsy for the fact that I have to package them in a special plastic container to prevent damage in shipping.


Awesome vintage bird cage; $47.00.

Little nest in a vintage urn with eggs and crowned bird sold separately.

Tall nest filled urn.

Sweet shabby chic table top conservatory to fill with plants or other decor.  I just love things like this, that I can change out the contents of seasonally for a new look.

BIG Tiffany blue Paris suitcases; $39 and 49.00.


Little vintage updated Shabby Paris chic jewelry chest.



Vintage Parsons table.  Can’t believe I found one in THIS color!!



I’ve sold quite a bit of the string jar fillers; both IN the jars and just bagged.  The YELLOW ones were the first to go??  (curious as to why?)  But I still have some green turquoise and plenty of white/neutral.

A whole bucket full!

And over in my ‘auxiliary’ booth . . . some new (old!) duck pitchers.

Some awesomely MEGA huge glass jars (close to 3 gal!) ; this one I filled with all my vintage ironstone soup bowls.’

And this one, set inside a wire milk crate, is filled with old books.  What would YOU fill a big jar like this with in your home?

Moved the big white cubby shelf to this space to brighten it up.    Plus, I really needed the space to store the rest of my white dishes.  I had some in each booth, which was ‘okay’; just like it better all together.  Really makes a statement that way and better captures your attention if you are looking for white dishes.



Had to build UP the crate shelf even higher, by adding  three more crates  to accommodate all the white dishes.

Sugar bowls, butter bells and jelly jars.  Dontchya just LOVE the Liberty salt shaker??  Too bad I only found the one, and not the pair.

White serving platters, plate,  turkey gravy boat, and more single shakers.

Creamers and sauce boats.  You’ll also notice a smattering of primitives in this booth.  Old wood utensils, rolling pins, bread boards, enamel ware bowls. . . 


Dinner plates, side plates and serving bowl.

Old milk bottles and another duck pitcher.

Cream pitchers.

Serving platter, tureen, napkin holder, gravy boat and canister.

Small platters, boats, milk glass tea cups and bird salt AND pepper shakers!

 Chip/dip serving tray, small plates, small tureen, cow creamer, owl salt and peppers, and milk carton cream and sugar bowl.

 Serving bowls and milk glass mixing bowl.

LOVE this grubby old bread board shaped like a slice of bread, at the back of this crate.  Ironstone plates and dessert pedestal with cloche top.

Another, slightly smaller dessert pedestal with dome lid.  Italian serving dish in back.

Cutting board, fruit design plates, pretty canisters,  quart milk bottle and decorative wood eggs.

Those wire milk crates make great shelves to hang on the wall!

Don’t forget to give the spinner rack a spin!  All kinds of great little goodies on there; like these newly stocked faux frozen Charlotte dolls.