Little ‘stilletto’ leg table

Originally painted this little table light grey, to use in the re-vamp of our space at Stars.  It proved to not be that necessary, so I slapped a price tag on it.  After a couple of weeks though, the top was really scratched up!  Grrrr!  That’s what I get for ‘cheating on Ralph’ and trying a different brand of paint!  Never again! 

* But in my defense, at the time Home Depot had stopped carrying Ralph Lauren brand paint and I didn’t yet know that Miller paints had started carrying it.  So I tried ‘the replacement’ brand, Martha Stewart; which the paint guy said was manufactured by the same company as RL brand.   MS brand is NOWHERE near the good quality that RL is!  I’ll never cheat on Ralph with another brand of paint again!

Since the top was getting scratched up just from things being set on it, I went ahead and sanded and distressed it even more, so it all blended together!

If ya can’t beat ’em . . . JOIN ’em I say!

The ‘pink parfait table’ tutorial

 Remember this pretty little table from a few posts back?

Here’s how we made it. 

In Michael’s dumpster divings he found this nice plywood round AND a circle (I call it a donut because of the hole in the middle).  I wanted to give the table a scalloped edge so we needed an ‘inset’ space.  But since the donut was the same size as the table top we had to do some cutting.  To try and shave 1/4 inch off the outer edge of the donut and keep it even would have been nearly impossible.  So my thought was to cut the donut into four even pieces, then cut an equal amount off each end until we got the right size.  Since the donut would not show at all once we were done, the extra cuts were no biggie.

Once we got the right size, Michael glued and screwed the donut to the underside of the table.

Michael went on a ‘bar stool binge’ a while back and we’ve got a bunch of them awaiting a purpose, so I decided to use one for the table base.  I just spray painted it a flat white.  (it’s much more TIME efficient to spray paint things like chairs and stools.  Brush painting around the legs and spindles is just a pain!)

Then Michael attached the top to the base, screwing it in from underneath.  Now I was ready to work on the top!  I gave it a good sanding, two coats of pale pink paint, then sanded to distress it.

For the scalloped edge I painted four pieces of lathe, two shades of pink (one the same color as the table) and two shades of white.

Then cut them into pieces using my scroll saw.  I just cut them ‘freehand’ because I didn’t want them to be perfectly the same.

Once cut into the rectangular sections, I ‘carved’ them and distressed them using my 1″ belt sander.  Again I did this ‘freehand’ not wanting them to be perfectly matched.

I decided to stamp a little bit of a design around the edge of the table.

Using a foam stamp and craft paint.

You can see the design much better in person than in these pictures!  This pale pink paint just does not photograph very well.  NOW it’s time to add the scallops!  I flipped the table upside down:

And just glued them along the inset under the rim of the table.

Alternating the colors.

Left it sitting upside down for the glue to set overnight.

Turned it right side up the following morning and gave it a couple of coats of waterproof matte varnish.

Had a bunch of the scallops left over so I glued them onto a couple of white shelves.

Ah-ha!  You can see the stamped design around the edge of the table better in that photo!

One thing I learned from this project is that the ‘donut’ for attaching the scalloped edge to was NOT the best idea.  It worked ‘okay’, BUT with all the scallops added, the table is a little ‘heavy’ on the outside edges and will tip if you lean on it.  Next time we make one of these we will make the inset a solid smaller piece of wood to better balance the weight of the added scalloped edge.




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Primitive grubby candles and tray

Started with a long skinny thrift store metal tray ;

I really liked that ‘faux rusty look’ once upon a time.  But I got over it!  Time to update it!  A quick coat of flat black spray paint and a light sanding will do the trick:


It’s not a HUGE difference, yet it looks sooooooooooooooo much better!  Then I just added nine  (because you KNOW it has to be a ODD number!) grubby candles.

You can buy my instructions for how to make your own grubby candles in our Etsy Shop.



~ primitives ~ trash to treasure ~ shabby chic ~ cottage ~ Paris apartment ~ repurposed home goods ~ repaired ~ restyled home decor ~ reused ~ recycled art ~ handcrafted gifts ~ one of a kind ~ artist originals ~ second hand style ~ junk market style ~ flea market style ~ beautiful junk ~ beach cottage décor ~ unique home décor ~ vintage home décor ~ unique gifts ~ custom made gifts ~ custom made home décor ~ personalized signs ~ Sophie’s Cottage ~ grubby candles ~ how to craft books ~ Shabby Paris apartment ~ baby gifts ~ personalized gifts ~ AJ Finsand ~

Repurposed wood bowl

Forgot to take before pictures again!  This is a uniquely shaped wood bowl from the thrift store, a wood candle holder and a wood base from the craft store.  Painted them all black.  Glued the candlestick to the base, then the bowl to the candlestick.

Then I painted the whole thing a matte gold and distressed it a bit.  I thought it came out looking like a fancy goblet of some sort!

It has gone to the shabby Paris apartment booth at Stars antique mall in Sellwood.



Here’s what’s new in our space at Stars Antique Mall ~ July 2008

Worked on oue mall ur space at Stars earlier this week.  Have decided to work towards a shabby Paris apartment look.  It will happen gradually, as I just don’t have enough time (or room in my car!) to empty the whole booth and start over. 

Right now there are lots of ‘old parts’ . . . old table legs, old windows, old wheels (which make great cupboard door and drawer knobs!  We’ve used them on the shelf the wheels are sitting on!); grubby candles, shabby white star hooks. old suitcases,  vintage hankies . . .

Here are pictures of the space after I restocked on Monday.



Now THAT’S a coffee table!!!

What a find!  A 44″ solid oak coffee table.  The top needed a little ‘love’ . . .

Okay, a little love and quality time with the orbital sander!

And a bit of new stain and matte varnish . . .

For some reason there was one little spot that came out lighter than the rest of the table.

It’s still a beautiful table!  (can I keep it for myself?!?!?!)

This table can be yours for the incredibly low price of just $150.00.  It’s heavy!  Bring two STRONG helpers (and a truck!) with you to get it home.



Congratulations to Barb, our free e-book winner!

Barb was the first one to get the right comment in the right spot and won a free copy of our newest e-book. “Second Hand Style”  Thanks for being one of our many (and much appreciated!) regular bloggies!  (that’s a blog groupie!  hehe)

Thanks Barb, for taking the time to write up a review for everyone wondering if it’s ‘worth it’ to buy the book.  Her review is posted in the comment section of the e-book post, but I am also going to copy and paste it here for easier reading. 

P.S. Be sure to read all the way to the end of you’ll miss a special offer!

I won the book!!! Yeah!!!!!! Thanks AJ!!

The book is just like her blog and store – full of great ideas!! AJ and Michael simply amaze me with their creativity. They take things that most people would throw away, and with a simple coat of paint, maybe an alteration here or there, a little ingenuity, (and some sandpaper) they create an updated new treasure for your home. In this day of “going green” they are the ultimate example for all of us to follow.

If you are into primitive, cottage or shabby chic decorating, this book will be an inspiration to you. If you are a shop-owner like I am, it will be even more. AJ is not shy about sharing display ideas, I have no doubt that you will get enough ideas to pay for the book many times over.

Anyone who is a crafter or do-it-yourselfer will appreciate the many pictures and simple tips she shares. I’m sure that you will be looking at something AJ has refurbished and realize that you have something laying around the house or shop that you can do in a similar manner. Think of the money you could save by refurbishing old junk you have laying around, or that you can find cheap at yard sales or flea markets! Save money and save the landfills, a win-win situation!

Even if you are a regular reader of her blog, you will appreciate being able to see all of these pictures in one place. There have been many times that I have thought of something that I had seen on the blog in the past, and wanted to see again. I would spend a good bit of time searching. Now, with this book, it will be much quicker. There are some pictures in the book that she has featured on the blog, but there are also many that are new to the book. You also will have access to some of her other photo albums, which again is very convenient. Be sure to check out the album on decorating a Christmas tree. Her simple, step by step instructions will give you many ideas for your own tree.

I really do think that this book will be a help to you whether you are an accomplished crafter, or even if you are a bit challenged in that department! I would also encourage you to buy some of her other ebooks. I have bought some in the past, and plan to buy more. AJ is very generous on her blog with free tips, and offers even more tips for a very reasonable price in her other books. They are very easy to understand, with helpful pictures.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of this book, the pictures are worth a thousand ideas!!
I just wish I lived close enough to visit her shop!!

Barb Howard – owner
Country Lane Crafts
Moundsville, WV


Well having contests on the blog is fun because you get to really brighten someone’s day.  But I don’t like the part where I hear from those who are BUMMED OUT because they didn’t win!  Sooooooooo. . . . .  how about this:

Through the end of this month (April 2008 ) you can purchase our newest e-book, “Second Hand Style” at HALF PRICE for just $15.00!  Please allow a day or two for me to email you your book as we are getting ready to set up another show this weekend and I may not be able to get to the computer every day.  Just go the the e-book original post to see how to send your payment.


Well whaddya know! He DOES read my blog!!!

Michael that is!  Oftentimes I will make a comment to him about something that I have written in the blog, and USUALLY he has not read it, so then I have to backtrack and tell him what was in the blog that relates to what I was telling him in the first place!  So, I’ve kind of gotten in the habit of just not talking about what I’ve put in the blog until HE brings it up and I know he’s read it.

The Saturday after I posted the idea (that a customer mentioned to me at the store) for repurposing a CD rack into a ribbon holder, I walked out the door to go to my car to head to the store and sitting right there is a CD tower!  I should have KNOWN Michael had one in his stash somewhere! 

He walks up to me grinning and ssays, “Wouldn’t that make a great ribbin rack?!?!”  hehe

And yes it does indeed make a great ribbon rack.  Here it is all filled up with my ribbon collection at the store.  It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO nice to have it all right there at hand!



There is even room for my tissue paper at the bottom!  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-HA!



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Here’s what’s new in Sophie’s Cottage: April 2008

Vintage cottage blue twin bed (head, foot-board and side-rails; mattress not included)  Perfect for a small guest room or sitting area to use as a daybed.

An Alpine tree with white lights, stars and wish and dream signs nicely fills in the corner where the bed is angled.

Tilt top lap tray perfect for reading and writing on, and of course, breakfast in bed!

An old suitcase set atop a bench makes a nice little catch all table for the end of the bed.

Everlasting grubby candles are back!  Hollow center to hold a regular or battery operated tea light.

Primitive candle chandelier with grubby votives.  It has holes to use regular taper candles, but I kinda like the look with the votives instead!

A couple more grubby candles and holders.

Primitive repro molds.

New pink shelf sitter signs.

Bench made from vintage headboard.

Tall ‘nesting box’.

Garden stakes and luminaries.


Big old picture frame turned into curio shelf

Michael loves to help me make there because they are quite fast and easy.  The KEY is finding the right FRAME to beging with.  A nice big one that is FLAT on the back. 

He just measures the sides and cuts two pieces, then cuts the number of shelves I want from plywood, then the backing from 1/8 luan.  Then I paint all the pieces BEFORE he puts it together.  Painting goes MUCH faster that way.

It’s a very simple box construction as you can see here from the back side before he added the backing.

And it doesn’t even have to be ‘perfect’ because none of the corners show once the frame in attached to the front.  After Michael assembles, I touch up where he used the nail gun and it’s done!

You can also make these WITHOUT putting any backing on them if you are going to hang it on a wall and want the wall color to show as your backing.  OR you could add fabric for your backing.