It makes me CRAZY when he does that!!!

Michael has a habit of changing what HE is thinking about AND talking about right in the middle of a conversation; then doesn’t understand why I’M confused!  Here’s what transpired tonight after a commercial on TV about the “Green Energy Show” coming up this weekend at the Portland Expo Center.

HE: Do you want to go?

ME: I kinda WOULD like to go, but I SHOULD stay home and keep working on my projects. What’s the weather supposed to be like on Saturday?

HE: Possibly more snow.  We should take MAX (light-rail train) , but I don’t know how far it is from the station to the Expo.

ME: You could look it up on the internet.

HE: I dunno.  It might be a lot of walking and my foot still hurts.  (His entire ankle IS one ginormous bruise after he fell on Monday!)

ME:  Oh yea, a lot of walking probably isn’t a good thing for you right now.  Guess we better stay home.

HE:  I’ll call David and tell him I’m not coming.

ME:  David’s going?  (David is his brother)

HE:  He’s going tomorrow.

ME:  If David’s going tomorrow and we were going to go on Saturday, why do you need to tell him you’re not going?  (We NEVER go anywhere and do anything with his brother except family Christmas get together, so I’m really confused right about now!)

HE: He’s going tomorrow and staying till Saturday.

ME:  He’s staying at the EXPO?  HUH??? 

HE:  No, he’s going to the COAST and staying until Saturday.

ME:  Then WHY do you need to tell him you are not going to the Expo show?!?!?  (I am soooooooo confused!)

HE:  I’m not going to the coast.  I need to tell him I am not going to the coast.

ME:  When were you going to the coast?

HE:  This weekend.  I told you that weeks ago.

ME:  No, the last you mentioned the coast you said you WEREN’T going (to help his step-mom with the house and grounds) because everyone else had already done what you were going to do.  And besides that, if this was the weekend you were going to the coast, why did you just ask me if I wanted to go to the Expo show????

HE: Because it was this weekend that I WAS going to go if I did.

ME:  WHEN did the conversation change from going to the Expo show to you going to the coast???

HE:  I thought we just decided to NOT go.

ME:  We did!  I’m just trying to figure out when and why the conversation went from not going to the Expo show to not going to the coast???!?!?  SEE!  This is what I’m talking about!!!  You changing the subject in the middle of a conversation.  Why do you always do that?!?!?  (okay, he doesn’t ALWAYS do it; but he does it a LOT!)

Have mercy!

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My lunch date

The store is closed on Sundays and Mondays, so Mondays have become my ‘errand’ day.  I had a doctor’s appointment first, then had to head over to our space at Stars in Sellwood to stock.  So I just stopped at McDonald’s for lunch, hit the drive through and ate in my car in the back parking lot which faces a wooded lot.

This little guy apparently has a routine down for getting his lunch at McDonald’s too! 

He came right up to my car door begging for food.  Before I tossed him a french fry, I tried to get a picture of him close up, but he ran under my car.  (I don’t usually have my camera with me on errand days, but actually remembered it this day so I could take pics of our space at Stars for the blog and for the Stars website. )

I finally tossed him a fry when I realized he was not going to let me get a good close up of him.  Then along came a big ole crow looking for some lunch too!

I thought for sure the crow would swoop right in and steal the fry before the squirrel.  But no!  That squirrel chased that crow away, time after time.  And even when another crow came along, they were both chased away by the squirrel.


Then another squirrel decided to join the party, much to the first squirrels dis approval!

I finally had to forgo the crow and squirrel show for the sake of my now cold lunch and finishing the rest of my errands on time. 

And now for a brief trip down memory lane . . . .

When I was in sixth grade I got bit by a baby squirrel.  Walking home from school there was a big mean dog that had a baby squirrel cornered.  I chased off the dog, and waited for the little guy to run to safety.  He was too scared and stunned to move, so (FOOLISHLY!) I picked him up to carry him across the street ot the woods.  He quickly came to his senses and chomped down on my finger and would not let go!  I was shaking my hand and screaming (probably traumatizing the little guy MORE than the dog had!) for what seemed like forever before he lost his grip and scampered off.

The worst part was having to tell my mom, because I KNEW better than to handle a wild animal.  Then I had to go to the hospital and be lectured by the doctor about what it would be like if I had to get rabies shots in my stomach.  They decided that because of the size of the squirrel that it was probably too young to have rabies.  But it was enough to dissuade me from any future squirrel rescue missions!

The old house we lived in when Elliot was 11, and we had just gotten our yellow lab, Angie had several HUGE old oak trees in the back yard.  A squirrels paradise.  Until the dog came along!  She could not wait to get out the door and chase those squirrels up the trees.  One day Angie was sitting under a tree she had just chased a squirrel up and she got bopped on the head with something.  She jumped up ready to chase again, but no squirrel in sight.  So, she laid down.  BONK! again.  And again!  The squirrel was THROWING acorns at her!  Those little guys are smarter than we give them credit for!

When I lived up in Edmonds (just outside Seattle) before Elliot was born, I had a resident squirrel who used to come knocking at my screen door in the summer and would stand there and wait until I tossed him some crackers!  And I always gave in because he would not leave until I gave him something, and I was afraid if I didn’t toss something out to him he’d make a break for it and dash into the house! 

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