STILL playing with sheet music! Sheet music leaf garlands

Have you seen all the cute paper garlands on Pinterest and in etsy shops?


LOVE how they look!!  


I wanted to do ‘something’ along those lines, but maybe with the vintage sheet music that I have.  (I did the paper chains with it a few years ago; but wanted something different now)  Love the above one, but it’s SEWN together?!?


And while I LIKE the others that I have seen that are SEWN together; with my bad back, I just don’t think I could handle sitting hunched over my sewing machine for that long.  It seems like a very loooooooooooooong  and laborious process, placing them down one by one and slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwly sewing them together.  PLUS, I would think that sewing them would make them TEAR easily along the stitching, when handled??

Have any of you MADE or BOUGHT sewn paper garlands like the above shown photos from Pinterest?  I’m really curious as to how well they ‘hold up’.  (I might be needing to buy or make some for my son’s wedding!)

P1170144I decided to do a leaf garland; glued to jute.  I cut the leaves as ‘dobules’ by folding the paper in half and leaving a small part at the fold still joined.  Actually, I folded my paper into FOURTHS, and cut out 2 pairs of leaves at a time.  Cut up a big box full of leaves before I started assembly.



 Cut my jute into 6′ lengths, and tied a knot at either end so there would be a loop for hanging them from.  Once I had a bunch of leaves ‘all glued up’, I started attaching them to the jute.  With the laying in front of me, I did one leaf facing up and the next facing down, and continued to alternate.


To attach the leaves to the jute; first I’d lay out a couple dozen pairs of them like this.  Then apply tacky glue to the entire leaf on one side and about 1/4″ onto the joined end of the other side.  Slip the glued leaf under the piece of jute, (which I have laying across a board that is on my lap)  position it where I want it ( facing the opposite direction of the previously attached leaf) then carefully folding the two sides together, making sure the part where it meets the jute is ‘smooshed down really good’!

 My original thought on usage was to put them on a tree,  Which is why I didn’t put the leaves right next to each other.  I’m thinking they will be easier to drape and will flow more freely with the extra space.  But, I just MIGHT have to try one with the leaves close together and hiding the jute.


 I just know that I did not want to put the leaves ‘tip to tip’ on the garland.

P1170145Of course, I don’t HAVE a tree to try them on!  I didn’t even put up a tree in my booth at Stars this year!?!?  (Hardly ANY of the vendors do put up trees; except for maybe the vintage silver trees that are for sale)

Not really using these for anything right now.  Will be saving them for my Stars booth for next Christmas.  Just wanted to try some out now, get the process streamlined, and have my supplies all set up for quick production when the time comes.