Look what I got for Christmas!

P1240723Yep!  That’s ANOTHER Keurig mini Plus in RED!  hehe.  Every year my son asks me what I want for Christmas, and every year he gets me exactly what I asked for.  I had asked for a wedding photo enlargement and a medical alert system, since I live alone now and have a lot of medical issues.

SO, I had no qualms about buying the Keurig for myself.  Plus, I never imagined that my son or daughter in law actually ever READ my blog or Facebook posts!  Apparently they DO!  And they decided to surprise me with the Keurig, and had already bought and wrapped it when I posted that I’d bought one.

We all had a good laugh about it, and they gave me the gift receipt so I can return it.  (if anyone LOCAL wants to buy it from me, it’s brand new, still in box, unopened.  $80.00)

My ‘other’ gift from them more than made up for the Keurig kerfuffle though.  I was expecting one 8×10 wedding photo; they had an entire wedding ALBUM made for me!  I LOVE it more than I can even say!

P1240693Now I REALLY need to get that day bed / sofa and a coffee table to put the album on!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to joy and new adventures in the New Year!

Early Christmas gift to myself!

Look what I found sitting on my porch the other day!

P1240362Can you see on the box WHO it came from???

P1240363YEP!!  I followed my readers advice and splurged a little and bought myself a Keurig Mini Plus.

P1240376In RED!  Isn’t it adorable?!?!?  I really, REALLY wanted a turquoise one and did a LOT of searching for it.  Either the turquoise was sold out in the Mini size or they don’t make the mini in Turquoise.  That’s okay, I like the red and turquoise color combination.

P1240377And my toaster is also red, albeit a considerably different SHADE of red (the toaster is ‘candy apple red’ and the Keurig is more of a ‘burgundy’ red).  Red is a really difficult color to match.

I can actually have people ‘come over for coffee’ and not be embarrassed to serve them instant coffee now!  The only ‘issue’ now is to find which brand and blend of K-pod I like the best.  There are WAY too many options!!!


Pumpkin make-overs.

P1230212We had a few very windy days and a lot of moss fell from the pine tree in my yard.  I had brought this pumpkin back in to re-paint (it was my ‘least favorite’, had that weird grainy surface) and decided a bit of moss around the stem might be a nice touch.  The tiny yellow pumpkin is a real one.

P1230213So then, of course I had to add moss to ALL of them!

P1230214Just  bit of tacky glue and blobbed it on!  easy peasy.






On a TOTALLY unrelated topic, I’m debating whether or not to splurge on a Keurig single cup coffee brewer; presuming there will be some pretty good sale prices on them during the upcoming holidays.

I only drink ONE cup of coffee in the morning, and for the last few years I’ve been content with instant.  Before that I had a Melita single cup brewer, which I really liked.  But they stopped making the pods for them!?!?  For the years years before that, when I could drink an entire pot of coffee during a day of crafting, I always bought Starbucks whole bean coffee, and ground it fresh per pot.

So when the brewers that take k-cups originally came out; I decided to not get one for fear that the same thing would happen and I’d have to toss out yet another perfectly good coffee maker.  But, by now, it’s pretty clear that the k-cup is here to stay; and they even make a Keurig MINI that is less expensive and takes up less counter space (which, as you know there is not much of here in my new place!)

AND they even make them in turquoise and red!!!  I’ve had coffee made with them when visiting others and it IS really good.  But the k-cups are a bit pricey . . . but if I only use ONE a day . . . .

Do any of you have a Keurig?  Was it worth the price?

Do I NEED one??