Old lamps; new (?) shades

I HATE my living room lamps!  They have those deeply pleated shades.  You know, the kind that have LOTS of deep crevices for collecting DUST.  UG!! Have been wanting to replace them for EONS.  But I just haven’t found anything that I really LIKE. 

P1080486Then I found a shade that I really liked at Ross.   Have been seeing these ‘vintage document print’ fabrics on shades for a while, but they were always out of my budget.  Gotta love the prices and Ross AND senior discount Tuesdays!

P1080488It’s even pretty when the lamp is ON!

P1080489Dare I HOPE to ever find a similar or matching one for the other big lamp in the living room?!? 

P1080484 Not more than a WEEK after I found the other shade at Ross, I found this one at Goodwill!  I was originally looking at it as one to turn into a ‘skeleton’ shade, with all the fabric removed.  

P1080485But it was SO perfectly CLEAN and in such good shape, I decided to see how it looked on the floor lamp.  Not bad, eh?!? I’ve actually toyed with the idea of trying to stencil some old style lettering onto this one.  But then if I RUIN it, I’ll be worse off than I was before, with NO shade for it!

But if I ever do find a better shade for this lamp I will for sure try to stencil this old one.  And if I ruin the fabric I’ll just do what I was originally going to do with it and ‘skeletonize’ it!  


This is what the other living room lamps look like.  

Both of these are ‘thrifted’ lamps and shades too.  The bases are the same, but the shades are slightly different.  I really like the new trend of not having everything ‘matchey’matchey’!  

Funny little coincidence

I’ve had these little crystal lamps for quite a while now and have been searching for ‘just the right shades’ for them.  Just wasn’t having any luck.  Stopped by Ross last week and found some that I just LOVED!

From this angle (looking slightly down on them) they look a little big, but I just loved the color and the pattern.  I wanted to use them on the BIG window pane shelf we have in Camas.

Notice the postcards (for my space at Stars) to the right of the lamp in this photo?  They are almost the SAME design and colors as the lamp shades!

What can I say?  I’m easily amused!



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