Those grubby child size chairs

P1130156Remember these two chairs??  Unfinished frames, but pretty ‘grimey’ from a LOT of use.


And the SEATS were really scratched and marked up!  And made of some weird composite material.  Looked like dry erase board stuff on top of particle board, so SANDING to prep for painting was out, because it would probably do more harm then help.  THIS is when it’s preferable to PRIME instead of sand.

P1150001So I sanded the unfinished wood parts to get rid of the grime, and gave the seats TWO good coats of KILZ primer before painting.


I distressed the edges of the chairs (but NOT the seat).  The headrest was just the right size to add a little stenciled word to.


These sold before I even got them into my booth at Stars.  Had a customer looking for items in my booth, and I wasn’t going to have room to bring everything from my car.  Took her to my car to show them to her and she wanted them.  So I took them to the front desk to add to her pile of purchases.

Recent finds

Old glass bottles.  It’s getting really hard to find the REALLY old grubby and cloudy glass bottles anymore; so I’ve had to settle for these, and altering them.  The really old OLD bottles sell well ‘as found’.


These are actually leftover household containers that I will probably alter.

P1110181LOVE this tall asymmetrical heart shaped bottle.  Will be a perfect ‘Love Potion’ bottle for Valentine’s Day decor.  The smaller heart bottles are abundant in thrift stores and can be bought at craft stores.  I’m guessing they get used a lot for wedding reception decorations.  I’ve used them for ‘love potion’ and bottles of ‘bliss’ in the past, but the bigger or unique shaped bottles always sell better for me.

P1110182The one of the right is slightly old; has a concave back side and convex front.  These might be good ‘love potion’ bottles too.


(picture borrowed from Pinterest)

I really want to make some BLINGED OUT bottles like these, but I just don’t have the bling!  And I really don’t NEED to start collecting more craft supplies.  (and Michael says “AMEN” to that!)  sigh.  So I’ll put this idea on my ‘later on’ list; along with a paper die cut machine.   Because eventually my bad back is going to get worse and limit what I can do even more and I’ll NEED more sedentary crafts to work on.

P1110112LOVE!!!!!  Found this PERFECT set of four milk glass bowls at an estate sale last week, and I am keeping these beauties all to myself!  They look just like the vintage multi-colored sets of  Pyrex bowls  that you see all the time with the colors all faded.  I have never seen an all white set.  No marking at all on the bottoms of these, not even a number; so they probably aren’t a ‘valuable’ collectible.  Rather just good old mixing and serving bowls.


Vintage girl bust.  Half of a set; the other is a boy playing some kind of a horn.  Hence the girl covering her ears.  I’ll give her a fresh coat of white paint and sell her in one of my booths.

P1110117I am keeping these for myself too!   It’s very rare that I find an actual PAIR of fake vintage little shoes like this.  (and I love little shoes, but only ‘collect’ little saddle shoes; so far!) And usually they are the more recently made RESIN factory made kind.  (and for some reason crazy expensive for ONE shoe!?!)  These are ceramic; possibly even unglazed porcelain.  Mine all mine!!

P1110119Cute little frame to add a collage to.

P1110121Cedar fence post topper.

P1110122I’ve already added a small square plaque to the bottom.  Will paint and distress it; then sell it.

P1110125I’ve been working on a lot of Valentine stuff so I had ‘red on my mind’ and scored some great red stuff at the thrift store.  this little suitcase (about lunch box size) had several Disney stickers on it.  I tested the corner of one to see how easily they’d come off without damaging the paint; and it came right up.

P1110123Unfortunately they didn’t come ALL the way off once I got it home.  I peeled off as much as I could by hand.  Then scraped off as much more as I could with my fingernails.  Then the last bit of  sticky residue I ‘soaked off’ by laying a damp sponge on over the residue and letting it sit for a while.  After that it came right off.   But IF that had not worked; the next step in my bag of tricks would have been to try Goof-off.

P1110124Once all cleaned up and dry, I stenciled “PARIS” to the front and tied on a black felt chandelier tag.  This has gone to my booth at Stars.

P1110126After I found that little red suitcase I found this red doll size chair.

P1110157Then I found this child size red chair!!  woo~hoo!!

P1110156I stenciled the word ‘DREAM’ on the back of the chair.  Since the chair had a slightly shiny finish to it; I first painted a coat of matte varnish on the chair where I wanted to put the stencil.  Once dry I stenciled.  Then a top coat of varnish after stencil paint dried.  Had I not ‘prepped’ it with that matte varnish, it’s likely that my letters would have smeared when I varnished over them.  Both of the red chairs have gone to Stars.

P1110160Beautiful cut crystal cake stand.  I will always buy vintage cake stands if they have their covers and no cracks or chips.  Much like  the nice picnic baskets, they have been abundant of late.  I didn’t really NEED another one in my booth right now; but they always sell.  (and it’s fun to create little vignettes on them!)  This one has gone to Stars.

P1110163Some jars to alter or fill with stuff.

P1110165Shabby white urn with cherubs on it.

P1110167Stuff with cherubs and urns always sell well .   Oftentimes I’ll ‘add stuff’ to them.  A little nest with eggs.  Or use it as a base for a cake stand by gluing on a white plate.  This one will be going to Curiosities, to join the existing display of white vases I have going there.

P1110127Vintage beaded satin jewelry box is in really good condition.  There is a barely visible ‘water mark’ on the top.


Insides are in perfect shape.  The knob to lift the top was missing; but you could still easily open it without the knob.  But I was afraid to cut off the strings left behind; that it might leave a hole in the fabric; so I tied on the felt chandelier tag.

P1110128This has also gone to my booth at Stars.

Child size chairs

I CANNOT resist little chairs!  Tiny decorative ones to child size.  I WOULD collect them and have the decorative shelf that runs the length of two entire walls in our living room FILLED with them if I could!  Alas, I really AM trying to ‘pare done’ on the clutter at home.  although you’d NEVER guess that if you saw my craft room  . . .and the overflow thereof into the dining and living rooms!

So, I’ll just have to be content to ‘love them and let them go’ (to my booth at Stars!)   Found TWO of these little solid Maple cuties last week.

The seats were a bit worn, but the LEGS were in perfect shape.  I don’t know WHAT it is about child size chair legs and DOGS chewing them up, but the majority of little chairs like this that I come across have CHEWED UP LEGS.  (I’m assuming it is from a dog!)  

So I brought these 2 little cuties home and gave them a little TLC in the form of a good sanding; a coat of primer and then 2 coats of my ‘beachy blue’ paint!

I decided to NOT distress these two.  They are in my booth at Stars.

Michael is on vacation today and tomorrow, so I am excited to have him be able to come to Stars WITH me and bring a few BIG items that I can’t haul by myself; AND do a major re-vamping of BOTH of my booths this week.