Vintage Paris style: black and tan table


This ‘ole thang’ was actually the middle table from a set of three nesting tables that I ordered from a Spiegel catalog about 20 years ago!  Back when I was into a country style  and Hunter Green decorating style.  (ACK!)

P1190271I can’t even tell you how many times they have been painted, sanded and repainted over the years.  On the largest of the three I had painted an american flag to go with my red, white and blue Americana decorating theme.  I remember selling that when we had our store and I had a ‘primitive estate sale’ at the store, to get rid of ALL my primitive decor.

P1190272Can’t even remember what became of the smallest one.  This one had been STAINED hunter green.  And that stain would NOT sand out.  So painting it black was really my only option.  If you look really close, you can see a few bits of that green showing through in the spots where it’s been distressed.  I stenciled a design in the center to draw the eye away from that green.

P1190275I left the legs black.  I like the contrast of the table top and legs being different colors.

P1200070And here it is, in my booth st Stars . . . buried at the bottom of a display!

Little chalkboard tray table

Heavy old metal table base from a rummage sale a while ago.  One of ‘those things’ that was too cheap to NOT buy; and really small enough to easily store until I decided how to use it.

Heavy round metal tray I just found at a thrift store.  This would be a perfect top for that stand!

Since the tray I was using for the top was already black, I went with black for the base too.  That, AND I typically switch over from white to black furniture accents in my booth this time of year anyhow.

FUN FACT:  I used CHALKBOARD PAINT for the table top, so you can write on it too!  this will be really cute with my upcoming Halloween display!

And speaking of CHALKBOARD PAINT . . . .  someone recently asked me if I’d ever used the ‘newly popular’ chalk paint, or if it was too cost prohibitive.  I have NOT tried the new Annie Sloan chalk paints.  And honestly I think it’s just another one of those ‘gimmicks’ or crafting trends that comes along.  Remember MILK PAINT?  Same thing.  You CAN get that same milky or chalky color with regular paint.

The advantage to chalk paint (0r so I’ve HEARD!) is that you can paint over anything, no prepping or sanding necessary.  A light sanding or a quick coat of primer doesn’t take that much time!  Besides if we never remove old finishes and just keep ADDING ON TOP, we’re going to have an awful lot of old paint on everything.

Anyhoooooooooooooooooo . . . . here’s what I think.  I think that Annie Sloan has some new and very popular paint COLORS and everyone THINKS they have to buy her brand of CHALK PAINT to get those colors.  (NOT true BTW!)  Because unless you want to be able to write on the surface (as in the little table I just did, or for a wall in a child’s room maybe) WHY do you need to use chalk paint, really???

And, did you know that you can MAKE YOUR OWN chalk paint using any water based paint (latex or acrylic) ANY COLOR by just adding ONE simple ingredient from the hardware store????  Tis true.  I sell the ‘kits’ in my etsy shop.  I’m not going to tell you the secret, but a simple internet search and you will easily find it.  BUT, if you don’t want to buy a whole big box of the stuff at the hardware store, and just need enough for a small project, or to TRY and see if you like it; I hope you’ll consider my kits.