This, That and the other.


Time for another STARS SALE!  Four full days: Friday, January 18 – Monday, January 21, 2019.  This sale is called their ‘Haggle Sale’.  Many vendors will be on hand to bargain with you on the price.  Everything in both of my booths is HALF OFF during the sale.



I am no longer selling my items at the Pink Door in Aurora, Oregon.


I finally have carpal tunnel surgery for my left hand scheduled for the end of this month, January 29th.  I’ve been ‘stuck in no crafting mode’ for months now because my left hand constantly goes numb, and my hand brace is no longer helping.   Since I need both hands to type, I will probably not be posting much in my blog or on Facebook for a couple of weeks afterward.


I took some additional inventory in for both of my booths this week, in preparation for the sale.  Here’s a peek:

p1370992I found some fabulous Jane Austen post cards, with very witty and surprisingly relevant quotes on them.  I’ve framed several of them (as shown above) for use as unique decorative pieces; and I also have ‘just the post cards’ available for purchase.

Several vintage cherubs have taken up residence in my booth for Valentine’s Day decor.

Both free-standing cherubs and ones that can hang on the wall.

I added some more hand stitched hearts.  Many are not ‘Valentine specific’ and could be used year round.  Coordinated sets of them in everyday colors are packaged and ready to fill your favorite little bowl.

Lots of glass cloches, wire cloches and glass containers make perfect displays for a few little hearts too.

Valentine banners and signs.  The one banner that is tied up in a bundle is 8′ long!!  Too long for me to hang for display in my booth; but perfect size for a party!

Happy shopping and SAVING!!

STILL playing with frames

So, have you noticed that I tend to go in ‘spurts’ when I craft?  After  the recent ‘jars with black lids’ spurt, I seem to now be on a ‘frame spurt’.  Which is a VERY good thing, as I have a LOT of frames leftover from when we had our shop to use up!

1.15.13 stars projects 034Another little love frame.  I repainted this thrifted frame SO long ago that I don’t even remember what color it originally was?!?!   The muted gold color worked perfectly with the slightly discolored vintage sheet music and little tan love tag.

1.15.13 stars projects 092This frame, and all the rest I will be showing in this post have gone to my space at Stars.

1.15.13 stars projects 082These 2 pink frames had a ‘princess’ sign in them (one I had just printed on my computer ages ago)

1.15.13 stars projects 026

I added some new pretty paper, vintage dictionary paper, a mat and some sayings from a scrapbook pack.

1.15.13 stars projects 030Decided on some FRIENDS sayings for these; instead of love.

1.15.13 stars projects 037Some thrifted white porcelain frames.

1.15.13 stars projects 038A ‘love’ collage in the biggest one.

1.15.13 stars projects 041This ‘picture’ is actually one of those ‘fake pictures’ that come in frames when you buy them!!  It was just too cute to toss away!  I just added the little ‘adore’ sticker.

1.15.13 stars projects 043And a tag  from the same set as the friends ones came from in the smallest frame.

1.15.13 stars projects 094Just tucked this one in amongst some white dishes.

1.15.13 stars projects 076The bigger one from this group works well next to one of the BIG love frames that I did last week.