Pumpkin topiary ‘how to’

Kind of combining two of the ideas shown previously in our blog; the pumpkin topiary and the pretty glittery pumpkins and gourds.

This is really a ‘make-do’ project.  I just used whatever materials I had on hand.  I started with white styro pumpkins:

And a styro filled plastic flower pot (leftover from some other project)!

Painted the three pumpkins different shades of turquoise.  Had two ‘pearlized paints’ that I used, which I liked best.  The top pumpkin was regular craft paint, so I varnished it with fairy dust to give it some sparkle.

Glued the largest pumpkin to the flower pot base with tacky glue.  Hadn’t yet decided how I was going to ‘build’ the topiary.  Ended up cutting off the stems of the two bigger pumpkins and connecting them with a dowel and more tacky glue.

The top pumpkin I just glued on.  Between the two bottom pumpkins, you could see a gap, so I dug out some little blue berry picks I had.  Glazed them with glitter.   And added some sprigs of glittered wire edged ribbon between them.

Decided to also glitter the middle pumpkin with white glitter.  Put blue glitter in the creases of the larger pumpkin, and glued on tiny confetti stars on the top pumpkin.

Decided the flower pot ‘needed a little something’ so I glued several rows of that stringy frayed looking yarn stuff (I have no idea what it’s called!) and then when that dried, tied on several strips and let them dangle down.

Then a glittery pick like the one I had used on the little white Christmas tree on top!

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