Time for a do-over!

This shabby Paris style round table made by repurposing a wood bar stool for the base, has made the rounds . . from booth to show and back to our booth again.  Has sat through several special sales, without selling.  Time to take it home for a makeover.

I, personally LOVE the black accents on the aqua furniture; and tables I’ve done the past with this same color combination have sold in a snap.  I’m not sure WHY this one hasn’t sold???  Regardless of the reason, it was time to take it home  and paint it differently.

The recent switch over to mostly white furnishings (with just a few aqua accents) in my space at Stars was the perfect time to bring this table home for it’s much needed make-over.  Not wanting to COMPLETELY re-do the whole thing; I just did a quickie update.  Sanded off the black paint, applied a fresh coat of a lighter aqua paint (leaving the base as is for now; will ‘wait and see’ if I need to re-do that too!)   to the top; and stamped on some white starfish around the edge.

Will be taking it back to Stars for the next booth make-over when I switch back to aqua from the white.