Mod Podge

I have a real ‘love / hate’ relationship with Mod Podge.  I love how it is SUPPOSED to work.  HATE how it actually always seems to work for me.  But, honestly, I thought it was just ME; that I hadn’t used it long enough to ‘figure out’ how to avoid the crinkles and creases and bubbles.  Turns out it’s NOT just me.

Just came across this post on Facebook and HAD to share it!  Seriously, this post is going to change my life.  Well, my crafting life.  And eliminate a lot of frustration and crafting stress.

(Crafting stress?  Is that a REAL thing?  Ask a crafter.  It’s real!  Is this going to work they way they say it will?  Will mine turn out the way I envision it?  Will mine be as pretty as the sample shown?  Will the person I am gifting it to like it?  Will “I” like the final results?  Will it sell?  Will it sell at a profit, or did I spend more than it’s worth on supplies alone?  Yep. . . crafting stress!) 

Are you ready for THIS?!?!   I want to HUG that woman for discovering this and KISS her for sharing it!  Until now, I wouldn’t even ‘commit’ to Mod Podge enough to buy more than a 2oz bottle at a time.  I really only use it when there is NO other option.  As you know if you are a regular reader of my blog, Aleen’s tacky glue is my ‘go to’ adhesive for just about everything.  For permanence and on other surfaces, it’s e6000.  I bought some Mod Podge once and by the time I got around to using it, it was all clumpy and gloppy.  (but I HAD previously opened the bottle, just not yet used it)  And that stuff is NOT cheap either!

I also LOVE that she used for her ‘how to’ piece, she used a DRAWER!  You KNOW I always paper line my drawers!  I’ve always told myself that a little bubble and a few crinkles on my drawer paper didn’t matter because it’s going to be covered with stuff as soon as it goes to someone’s home.

OH!!  And another thing . . . .  she uses WRAPPING paper to line her drawers with!  (as do I!)  AND she likes to buy her wrapping paper from Home Goods (as do I!  Well, I usually get mine at Marshall’s, same parent company.  I seriously go to Marshall’s JUST to see if they have any new, cool looking wrapping paper, at least once a month!)

*Just in case the link disappears for some reason (I never trust Facebook!) I’m going to write up a quick re-cap of it.

*Clean the bottom of your drawer well and apply a coat of regular Matte Mod Podge.  Let it completely dry.

*Cut your paper to fit the bottom of your drawer.  Get your iron and a piece of parchment paper (NOT wax paper, NOT freezer paper; be sure it’s parchment paper.  Actually a piece of thin cotton fabric will probably work too.  I have a piece that I always use for ironing lace and ribbon) .  NO STEAM, hot setting on your iron.

*Place the parchment paper on top of your wrapping paper in the drawer.  With your iron, starting in the center and working your way out, not leaving your iron in one spot for too long, iron the parchment.  The heat from your iron will MELT the dried Mod Podge and adhere it to your paper . . . without any bubbles or creases.

Can I get a HALLELUJAH!???!?!

I am not even KIDDING when I say that I’ll be using this technique on EVERYTHING that I use Mod Podge for; or think I can use Mod Podge for but avoided in the past because of the bubbles!!  In fact, I was just getting ready to make a bunch of banners, and will use this method for gluing my paper to the cardboard backing!!

Know what else?  You can buy regular Mod Podge, in Matte of Glossy finish, at Dollar Tree!!  I better go stock up!!  It’s much cheaper than at the craft store!

Happy Mod Podging to you!

Little wood trays

Found these little trays at the thrift store.


The fronts of old greeting cards had been glued onto them.


They were a tad beat up.


And the pictures are really dated.


They aren’t very big either; about 6″ x 8″.  But trays always sell well for me and they were a good price; so I figured they were worth buying to fix up.


I sanded over the cards a little, then painted the whole tray and distressed along the edges.

Now what to decorate them with?!?!?  I thought some stenciled designs or words would be cute, but all my stencils were too BIG to fit these little trays.


These pretty paper napkins look like a good fit.  I’ve never worked with applying napkins, so I was a tad leery, but decided to give it a shot.


I had these other napkins to consider also, but settled on the first ones.  Wanna know where I found all these pretty paper napkins????

DOLLAR TREE! I kid you not. And they have dozens more designs . . .and table covers and paper plates and cocktail napkins to match!


I cut the napkin to size and got my little 2oz bottle of Mod Podge out (which I also found at DT!!) and went to work.  I waited to remove the back layer of the napkin until after I had cut it to size.  Slathered the tray with the Mod podge and veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery carefully placed the napkin on and gently dabbed it into place.


I was able to cover all three trays with ONE napkin, by using the back; and then putting two pieces together (which you can SEE on the tray on the left).


The tissue went onto the first tray perfectly.  The next two . . . .notsomuch!  As you can see here.  sigh.  The napkin paper is SO thin it tears really easily, so as I was ‘working it into the corners’ it ripped!!


The Mod Podge ‘sets’ so quickly that I couldn’t remove the napkin to start over.  (Well, maybe if I had immediately submerged it in water).  I just wanted to be DONE with them, so I left them to look ‘distressed’.


Think this will pass for good enough?


Another little tear in the corner.  I suppose I would have tried harder to fix the tears if the trays were bigger, but these are so small it really wasn’t worth investing more  time and effort into the project.