Trying my hand at some assemblages

Those who are truly talented at this art form seem to be able to combine  dozens of items in a piece and not have it look overcrowded.  But then, I see some that are just ‘too much’ and not balanced and just not right.  But I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is that makes the difference.

Have had these ‘box frames’ for quite some time.  They were a ‘graduated set’ of sizes.  I used the smaller ones to put some little nests and eggs into.  Decided to try my hand at some assemblages for these bigger ones.

I’m not quite convinced that I ‘have the knack’ for this kind of artwork though.   I see SO many wonderful conglomerations of elements and I think, “I could do that!”  But then I start digging through all my supplies and my mind just goes BLANK!  Is this too much stuff??? Not enough stuff?  Not the right stuff??? Does THIS go with that???

It’s such a delicate balance between a ‘carefully orchestrated’ grouping and ‘a bunch of stuff just thrown together; ya know what I mean??? 

I don’t know WHY this is such a challenge for me?!?!?  I can usually ‘just look’ at something for inspiration and turn right around and do one of my own.  I hate to ‘copy’ someone elses work, but maybe that is what I need to do in order to ‘figure this art form out’???   Not an exact copy of course, but follow the ‘formula’ they used for how much of this and how much of that and placement and balance.

Anyhooooooo  . . .  these are the results of my first attempts!

Your honest opinions and constructive criticisms are welcome.  I’m neither disappointed nor thrilled with my results, and YET, I haven’t a CLUE as to what I might have done differently!?!?

I’m just really NOT SURE I ‘love’ how these turned out.  They’re ‘okay’ but . . .

Do you have a favorite assemblage or collage artist that you recommend I study for some hints?