New things stocked at Stars Antique Mall in Portland

Latest pictures from my space at Stars.

Wee bit of Paris.

Beachy blues.


Robin’s eggs.

Little nests with 3 speckled eggs.

Hand formed nest with medium-sized egg.

Nest grass with quail egg and feather.

Assorted birds display.

Vintage shabby urn with nest and egg.

Little glass cloche with bird on top and nest inside.

Vintage black cast iron lamp with sheet music covered shade.


Another old lamp with sheet music shade.

Welcome lamp size sheet music shade.

Yep, lots of lamps!

Shabby chic lamp with fringed shade.

Vintage tea stained lamp shade.

Grubby weathered finial. 

(how to make these coming in my next e-book!)

Wire tabletop tree with Easter decor.  And if you already have your own little tree, there’s a bag of just the decorations available.

Easter baskets.

Nests and eggs in little apothecary jars;  framed bird collage; shabby bird on pedestal.

FROM THE “I knew if I held onto it long enough I’d come up with a way to use it” FILE:

I’ve had these little corrugated cardboard boxy things stashed in the back room of the store for probably three years.  They were the packing box/base for something.  It’s been so long that I don’t even remember what though!  I just like corrugated cardboard and I just KNEW these would come in handy one day!

And HALLELUJAH!!!  That day arrived!  I actually had TWO ideas for ways to use them.  Here’s the first:

A little nesting box for a pretty white bird!  I just glued the corners together and rubber-banded tight while the glue dried.  Tied a piece of jute and unraveled the ends after I tied the knot.  Covered the inside with glue (Alene’s Tacky glue, of course!) and filled it with all the little bits of nest grass (Spanish moss) that settle to the bottom of the box that I can never figure out what to do with!

For the next project I first ‘color washed’ an unfinished wood frame using Jamaican Sea Folk Art brand paint:

Then I glued on my piece of corrugated.  It was already folded so it was raised.   And sized tp perfectly fit over the opening on my frame.  I secured it with rubber bands while my glue dried.  (which only takes about 10 minutes if I plop in into my handy food dryer!)

I decided to make this one a ‘beach theme’ instead of bird.  Dug out my big ole box of embellishments and stuck a couple of them on.  Then tied a piece of jute into a little bow at the top.

What else could I do with my little corrugated boxes????


Spring nesting

This is my favorite new display in the store!  And I keep finding more and more fun containers to make nests in! 

If you want to assemble some of your own, we’ve got the little nests for sale.  But I love how it looks to have these jars filled with them too!

Save your empty jars and make some of your own!  I made mine in ‘purchased’ little apothecary jars that came with lids, but a lid isn’t really necessary.  Just tie a strip of homespun around the collar of your jar to cover it up!

I’ve got these little bags of nest grass and an egg ($2.95); just open it up and put it in your jar and you’ve made your own!  Also have ‘just eggs’ available individually.  And will be putting together some bags of just nest grass and a couple of feathers.

And I do believe that THIS is my favorite nest ‘assemblage’ that I’ve made for the store.  (I’m working on a couple more similar to this using PINK and AQUA paper shred for the nest!)

A little woven basket makes a cozy nest!

And we’ve got the ‘egg image cards’ available to buy if you want to frame up some of your own. 

A lot of these ‘nesty things’ fit in really well with the beachy blue color that Sophie loves.  The neutral colors will really go well with ANYTHING.  And it’s a decorating ‘theme’ that could be left out year round.