Little NOEL banners

Just made a couple of these since it’s already a bit ‘late in the season’ to be shopping for Christmas decorations.


Holes punched in the corners of the triangles for threading the ribbon through.  (I TRIED gluing them to the ribbon once previously and this way is MUCH easier!)

P1160708Little sheet music birds with crowns (I have a ‘punch’ that makes the crowns) A loop of black string glued to the back of the bird for hanging from.

P1160710Sheet music (backed with cardboard), black tissue paper rosette; grey paper then book page scalloped circle (punches for those also) and letters from the craft store.

P1160711Hard to tell in the picture, but the letters are a satiny silver finish.

P1160713About 25″ long.


Same birds as on the first one;  but this is the one that  I glued the flags to the  black string instead of punching holes on this one.  Never again!

P1160716The little ‘four leaf clover’ on the wing is from a paper punch also.

P1160715Just used some TINY grey paper doilies (from the craft store.  They have little paper doilies in LOTS of colors now!  So fun!) on this one.  Glittered white letters.

P1160718Sweet and petite!

P1170190They have both gone to by booth at Stars.