Carload of reclaimed fence boards.

Visiting one of my very best friends this last summer, and returned home with this!  LOTS of mossy grey weathered cedar fence boards.  I was literally GIDDY with ideas and possibilities of what I was going to make with these beauties.

My first project was some simple signs, using laser cut metal words glued to a piece of the natural weathered wood.

A few of them have gone to my wall space at Stars.  The rest of them will be going to the upcoming fall show at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Mid-November.

Next I decided to try my hand at making some BIG rustic Farmhouse style trays.  This one is the prototype.  LOVE these super long wrought iron handles.  They were an estate sale find, and unfortunately a ‘one time find’.  Well, I probably COULD find more like them if I really searched on-line, but they would probably be cost prohibitive for me to use on my trays.  I’ll have to find some other handles that will work.

Then I went on to make three more; one of which is an EXTRA long 38″.  The other two are 24″ and 25″ long; all are 11.5″ wide and just under 4″ deep.  I have taken ALL of these to my booth at Stars for the time being.  If I don’t get more of them built before the fall show, I may pull a couple from Stars to take to the show.  Priced $37.00 – 59.00.

On the extra long tray I used the ‘beefy’ black metal handles.  On the other two, slightly smaller black handles, on the sides of one tray and on the top sides of the other.

I’ve only made one of these little stools thus far.  It’s 11″ x 6″ x 5″.  I’ll probably make another batch of them a little later; graduated stacking sizes.  This stool has gone to my wall space at Stars.  $10.00.

I saw the idea for reclaimed wood shutters on Pinterest.  Adding the removable little boxwood wreaths with the metal words and red truck ornament is my own idea.  Making the embellishments removable makes it easier for the buyer to use them to decorate with year round, instead of having to pack them away after the holidays.  $29.00 with the wreaths.

Decorating with arrows is very popular right now.  I made assorted shapes and sizes of wood arrows with hangers on the back to hang on the wall.  I made a couple dozen of these.  They will be going to the fall show.  Priced $5 – 14.00.

This is my take on something ‘somewhat similar’ that I saw on Pinterest.  They measure 12″ x 13″; and will be going to my booth at Stars and to the fall show.  $29.00.

I forgot my camera last week, so I didn’t get pictures of all of these items in my booth.


Weathered wood two part hearts with old hinges

Had to dig out some old templates from my former ‘primitive crafting days’ for these new hearts and shutters I just made:

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 024This is one of my all-time favorite patterns that I’ve designed; for the fact that it leaves ZERO wood scraps behind, and requires a very minimal amount of cutting.  And you get TWO finished items by making only four simple cuts!

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 021“Back in the day” I used to make the shutter part longer at the bottom, and add a shelf and a few pegs.  And I didn’t have the grubby old hinges to use.  I used to ‘wire them’ together.

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 010Love the old wood look too!

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 012I also cut out some slightly larger hearts, that do not have coordinating shutters.

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 020Perfect ‘guy Valentine gift.  And something that can be left on display year round.

I’ve only listed ONE of the hearts in  my etsy shop ; four shutters and eight of the hearts have gone to my space at Stars.    After Valentine’s Day, if I have any left; I’ll probably list more on etsy.

Michael’s makins ~ shabby white fence board tables

Just took this new batch of three shabby white fence board tables that Michael made to my booth st Stars.

This first one is a low coffee table, or a bench.

Price is $59.95.

He also made these two, similarly styled  (but not quite matched to the coffee table) end tables or night stands.

The apron is on all four sides of the end tables; but just on the long sides of the coffee table.

The end tables are $32.95 each.

And while we’re talking about white fence boards . . . I’ve also got this white picket bird house peg shelf.  It hangs on the wall and has two ‘clothespin’ pegs for hanging things from.   $59.95.

The vendor who was on the wall behind my booth, and had put up the ‘extension wall’ of chicken wire that showed through on my side of the space that I HATED . . . moved to a bigger space and took his monstrosity down.  I had TRIED to hide it a bit by placing a picket fence section on my side.  Now that I don’t need it for that anymore, it’s for sale:  $19.95.

And it’s just about the perfect size to use as a headboard for a twin bed!

Recycled cedar fence boards

made into bird houses:

Adorned with assorted pieces of old hardware.

And some made into peg racks and towel racks:

For the paint on the birdhouses and peg racks I used a ‘dry brush’ technique.




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Wall sconces from old fence boards

Juanita from Creative Clutter came up with these fence board sconces.

The tea light candles sit in bent silver soup spoons that have been attached with a screw. 

They could also be used as a towek rack.

More cottage beach decor ideas


These simple jars of shells were created with blank jars and shells purchased at the craft supply store.  I just glued a shell to the lid (with tacky glue) and tied on some jute and attached a tea stained tag.

Vintage cabinet just needed a little sanding to give it the ‘beach cottage feel’. 

Assorted signs using old painted fence boards.  I just hand sanded a little to remove the loose paint, then stenciled and stamped the letters on with acrylic paints.

Some of those signs worked into a display.

Another jar of shells and a shell candle which consists of a glass cylinder vase with the candle in it, set in the middle of the bell shaped glass container.  The shells are then placed between the two glass pieces.  This is a great way to create candle displays when you want to burn the candle, but not get wax all over your decorative components.

Framed shell saying on the left was created using a matted frame like the one shown on the right.  Tea stain your paper and mat.  Print saying on tea stained paper then tear out.  Glue onto another piece of tea stained paper.  Glue shells to mat.  And you’re done!

Blank frame arrangement on a shelf.  Frames with back and glass missing are easy to find (and very inexpensive!) at garage sales.  These were oak frames I painted assorted shades of aqua then lightly hand sanded to distress.

Shadow bos frame filled with shells.  Glass cylinder vase filled with sand, then shells and a candle.

The two glass bottles were ‘dressed up’ by adding inexpensive beaded bracelets to them.