Little button covered boxes ~ Upcycled empty powdered make up boxes


So, what do you do with the empty container after you’ve used up all of your powder foundation?

P1160854I USED to just throw them away.  Maybe sometimes use them to store small things in like paper clips or rubber bands.  Surely there is SOMEthing nobler to do with these sturdy little boxes, no?


With some tacky glue, a bunch of old buttons and a few pearls you can turn them into one of a kind trinket boxes!


I tied the sheer ribbon around them to help hold the price tag in place on the bottom.

This smallest white one was actually a ‘face cream’ jar and the bottom in glass.  Perfect size to use as a gift box for something small, like a ring or pair of earrings.

P1160831This make up box had a brown lid, so I used brown buttons.  The pearls were an afterthought, to fill in all the tiny bare spots.



This white one is really my favorite.

P1160831I wish I’d had more gold buttons to use on this one.  But, I’m really trying to only ‘use what I have’ for the time being.


This is the one made from the blue topped box shown.  My LEAST favorite.  I actually considered spray painting the entire top, buttons and all – white!

P1160857But, I’ll give it a chance to sell first.  I can always take it home and re-do it later.  (MY glue wasn’t quite dry in this picture.  It DOES dry completely clear.

P1160861The ‘finishing touch’ is a wee bit of hand cut and hand mixed paper shred.

P1170218They have all gone to my booth at Stars.

P1170207Lots of other one of a kind gift boxes in my booth too!