The rest of the pictures from latest Stars re-do:

You saw MOST of what I re-did in the space in yesterday’s post, showing the re-done shelf.  I also moved some other things around and ‘thinned out’ stale product that had been sitting too long.

The other ‘big change’ I made to the space was pulling this vintage window pane shelf (which Michael made) to the FRONT of our booth; and ‘staged’ it with just a select few items on the shelves.

I really love this shelf, but for some reason it keeps ending up in the back corner and crammed full of odds and ends that I don’t really have room for and am too lazy to pack up and haul home!  It would make a wonderful ‘sofa back’ table.

Aren’t these white wire baskets the perfect complement to this shelf?!?!?  I wish I could have found MORE of them.  Alas, I got the last of them.

I really tried to ‘think ahead’ on this move.  Usually when something this BIG sells, I have to go back in as soon as possible to ‘fill in the bare spot’ and find another place to display the contents.  What I did this time is put a couple of small tables/stands on top of the shelf; and THEY can just be left right there after she shelf sells.

Another plus to having the stands up off the floor is that I can also display stuff UNDER them.

I filled the grey cubby shelf that sits atop the grey chest with a collection of bird/duck ceramic pieces.


So that’s what the space at Stars looks like for now!

Ready for some shopping therapy???