Little Jewelry Chest of Drawers Make-over

ReVamped and upcycled jewelry boxes and chests are always good sellers for me in my booth at the antique mall.  Finding the right pieces to make-over can be a bit of a challenge though.

The first thing I always do is look inside the drawers.  So many of the old jewelry boxes have that cheapo velvet fabric lining the drawers, and it’s usually stained and dirty and impossible to remove.  So I pass if the drawers (innards, as I like to call them!) aren’t clean.

The next thing to check for, if you are going to be repainting or re-covering your piece, is to be sure that the drawer pulls/knobs are removable.  On this piece that I recently made-over, I had already removed the drawer pulls when I remembered that I needed to take pictures!

A time or two in the past, I HAVE bought pieces that I could not remove the knobs from, and just painted the whole thing, knobs and all; but I avoid that as much as possible.  I just sand the paint off the pulls/knobs as much as possible in those instances.


How sweet are the drawer pulls on this piece!?!?


The insides of the insides of the drawers were clean and painted black, which was totally fine.  Except for the fact that I was re-painting the piece an off-white and the contrast was quite stark.  My solution?  Glue some paper to the inside bottom of the drawers.  I used old dictionary pages this time.  In the past, and on full size dressers/chests I have used; pretty wrapping paper, vintage wall paper, vintage sheet music, old road atlas pages . . . really, ANY kind of paper that you can cut to size will work.

I also added some of the same paper to the recessed bottom of the chest, just for fun!  Don’t forget to paint (or paper!) the BACK also.

Before and after.

*This piece has already SOLD in my booth at Stars Antique Mall in Portland, Oregon.

Outdated / Updated little end table

Poor little outdated and unloved end table!!  I’m not sure exactly WHEN this was ‘in style’, but I actually LIKE this style; with the drawer and open area.


It was pretty banged up, but I’d need to sand it to prep it for painting anyhow.  What’s a few more minutes of sanding to remove the scratches.

Sorry about all the shadows in the photos!  We’ve had some crazy sunny spring weather.  (Our spring weather typically consists of April showers with lead to May showers which lead to June showers.)   A couple of pretty deep gouges on the side there that required a bit of wood filler to repair.  Nice clean drawer innards.  Since I had to remove the drawer pulls to sand and repaint; I decided to fill the holes and add a single knob.  It just looks strange to me for the single drawer to have two knobs.  (Does that bug you too?!?)


I only had ONE of these fabulous cast iron lion’s head drawer pulls; so I’ve been saving it for the ‘perfect project’.  THIS seemed like the perfect piece to use it on.

P1270144With the lion’s head drawer pull creating a bit of a ‘Gothic theme’ to this make-over; I decided to add to enhance that theme with a cast iron sconce added to the top, at the back.


I resisted the urge to add and stenciled designs.


I kind of wish the sconce was longer and reached the sides, but it will look better once there is ‘stuff’ sitting on the top.


I’m really liking how this one turned out.

It’s at the bottom of a stack of three furniture pieces in my booth at Stars, so you can’t see the sconce in the pictures.

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Vintage Paris style: black and tan table


This ‘ole thang’ was actually the middle table from a set of three nesting tables that I ordered from a Spiegel catalog about 20 years ago!  Back when I was into a country style  and Hunter Green decorating style.  (ACK!)

P1190271I can’t even tell you how many times they have been painted, sanded and repainted over the years.  On the largest of the three I had painted an american flag to go with my red, white and blue Americana decorating theme.  I remember selling that when we had our store and I had a ‘primitive estate sale’ at the store, to get rid of ALL my primitive decor.

P1190272Can’t even remember what became of the smallest one.  This one had been STAINED hunter green.  And that stain would NOT sand out.  So painting it black was really my only option.  If you look really close, you can see a few bits of that green showing through in the spots where it’s been distressed.  I stenciled a design in the center to draw the eye away from that green.

P1190275I left the legs black.  I like the contrast of the table top and legs being different colors.

P1200070And here it is, in my booth st Stars . . . buried at the bottom of a display!

Itty bitty chest :: OUTdated – UPdated

P1180894Crackle and gold and roses . . .OH MY!

P1180895Just a ‘wee little thing’; but the painted on roses were NOT ‘raised’, so this thrift store find will be  fairly easy to make over.

P1190109A couple of coats of a soft white . . . .then pondered for DAYS trying to think of ‘what else’ to do to it’.

P1190111I finally decided that it was fine as it is.  (WHY do I feel like I have to ADD decorative elements to EVERYthing?!?) Just gave it a big sheer bow on the top!


 It has gone to my booth at Stars.


Got a little more furniture painted

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 018Found this simple little table from the thrift store.  It’s pretty ‘basic’ (boring?!?) but sometimes the SIMPLER things are, the better they sell.

6..22.13 Both + projects 002I gave it a very basic and simple make-over too.

6..22.13 Both + projects 003

A quick sanding to take the sheen off the existing surface and a couple of coats of my beachy blue paint color.   NO distressing this time.

6..22.13 Both + projects 001A sweet white rose shaped porcelain knob and a coat of varnish on the top.  Done!

6..22.13 Both + projects 051This sweet thAng can be purchased in my booth at Stars for $34.00.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 051I don’t have a very good BEFORE picture of this table.  It was originally a dark stained wood.  I painted it black and distressed to show some of the grain.  Usually this is a quite popular finish, but as you can see it got a little scratched up.  And since I had to bring it home anyhow to remedy the scratches, I decided to give it a complete make over.

6..22.13 Both + projects 009Used my beachy blue paint again, but this time did some (ALOT!) of distressing.

6..22.13 Both + projects 005The unique design on the legs  is really enhanced with the distressing.

6..22.13 Both + projects 004I distressed the top quite heavily too.   And as always, a coat of varnish on the top as the finishing touch.

6..22.13 Both + projects 008This one is still awaiting it’s marching orders.  will just depend upon which mall has room for it first I suppose.

4.12.13 signs CURIOSITIES stencils 028And here’s my next victim  er, PROJECT  Plucked this from my booth at CURIOSITIES yesterday since it hadn’t sold yet.  This was ‘one of those finds’ that I was elated over.  Was CERTAIN it would sell in an instant.  Alas, I was wrong; so it will be getting   a shabby make-over; and maybe a big FAT pillow on the seat!

Vintage maple gate leg table; from Colonial to Cottage style

Such a darling little gate leg table, but VERY Colonial style.

And, as is the case quite often with vintage tables, the legs are in pretty good shape, but the top is quite damaged.  And when you are re-doing furniture to hopefully sell at a profit, ‘time is money’ so you don’t want to spend DAYS fixing up on small item.  Sanding off an old finish and repainting a table top is a pretty quick and easy job.  The LEGS, if they need refinishing are the budget buster, taking a LOT of time.  Hence, when shopping for project tables, look for GOOD LEGS.  Just about ANY top can be a quick fix.

On this table, when I sanded off the finish on the top, the stain came off too, and the wood was very pale.  Applied two coats of white paint, then sanded to distress.  Usually that is ALL I need to do.  but this time the top was just too pale to coordinate with the dark maple finish on the legs.  So I applied a quick coat (brushed on and IMMEDIATELY wiped off!) of maple stain to the painted white and sanded top.

And while I had the stain out anyhow, I touched up a few tiny knicks and scratches on the legs.

A couple of coats of matte varnish to the table top and this Colonial to Cottage transformation is complete!

 It blends perfectly with the other cottage white decor I’m currently featuring in my space at Stars.

Priced at $58.00.

And just to the right of it is the end table I posted about a short while ago; the one Michael dragged home.