Unfinished wood plant stand.

P1080218As I already mentioned when I first showed you the picture of this plant stand; it’s a real ‘treat’ to find a piece that is UNfinished!   A good percent of the time I spend on refinishing things, IS spent on removing the original finish.   (the only ‘prep’ an unfinished piece might need is to sand off any ‘oily residue’ that may be on the surface from use.)

P1080406Since I had saved so much time by NOT having to prep this piece, I decided to experiment with the finish!  I did a ‘color wash’; which is just watered down paint.  I mixed about 4 parts water to one part paint.  You want it to be as thin as water.  A foam brush or soft fabric rag works best for applying a color wash.  Brush it on and wipe off the excess; similar to how you apply a stain.

P1080405The effect is very similar to a stain.  You get a hint of color, but the wood grain still shows through.  I applied a quick coat of matte varnish to the top; which enhances the grain even more.

P1080407It’s a very subtle finish and quite a change from my usual bright aqua.  But you need to try something NEW and different every so often!  AND I figure if no ones likes it and it doesn’t sell, I can always repaint it if necessary!

P1080418Another ‘bonus’ with this type of finish is that it is super fast and easy which greatly factors into the selling price!   A good part of the price I put on items is ‘for the time’ it took me to refinish it.  With this being such a fast and easy process, I can price this piece extremely reasonably!

P1080419It is available in my booth at Stars for $29.00.  That little “Paris” stool is $17.00.