My new PANTRY!!!!


7.28.09 pantry001

Look how ROOMY this baby is???

7.28.09 pantry003

Soooooooooooooooo much nicer than the 2′ deep kitchen cupboards that I never knew what the heck was shoved way in the back!

7.28.09 pantry002

Michael built the shelf from scratch.  We used an old pair of shutter doors that I had painted turquoise to use for display at shows, and some old copper color door pulls.

7.28.09 pantry010

I decided to paint the inside yellow instead of white. Still nice and bright, but easier to keep clean.  (Plus, I had a lot of left over yellow paint to use up!)

7.28.09 pantry009

Michael designed the height of the shelves to perfectly fit the canned goods stacked two high.

7.28.09 pantry007Close up of the construction detail: Michael built a basic ‘bookshelf’  design, then added front trim, which is what we attached the doors to. Michael thought the extra support that the trim added would be a good idea since we’d be storing a lot of heavy items. As you can see, his forethought was WISE!

7.28.09 pantry008

Picture at the base. As with ALL the items that Michael and I build from scratch, here’s who we did it:

* I give him an idea of what I want.

* He sketches it out and figures measurements.

* He cuts all the pieces.

*I sand and paint all the pieces BEFORE he puts them together. MUCH faster to paint that way!

* Then he puts it together using an air nailer, and I touch up the paint a tad.


7.28.09 pantry005

NOW, I just have to figure out what to do with this STUPID little accent window. WHY in the world would you put a frosted window on the wall between the kitchen and dining room?!?!?! I hate them! And this is just ONE of Four of them throughout the house. As you may be able to tell in the photo, we have a bookcase in front of the window on the other side. How can I disguise this one?!?!?

7.28.09 pantry006

This is my cute little turquoise ‘retro’ clock that I got at Target. I also have a bunch of vintage red/white enamelware pans that I will probably hang on this wall, and maybe on the side of the pantry. Maybe I should just make a curtain to hang over the window??? I’ll have to search for some vintage looking red and turquoise fabric.

Didn’t get a heck of a lot else done in the kitchen last night. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot and I was pretty fatigued after they took so much blood yesterday. I did get one tiny corner of the counter ‘prettied up’ though:

7.28.09 pantry004

Still awaiting the HIGH temp for the day to hit. Last I looked at our home outside thermometer it was 110!!! (I wish I was kidding!)