With fifty cents and a post Christmas trip to Dollar Tree

Gotta LOVE the after Christmas sale at dollar stores! I usually really stock up on supplies. And there are lots of RED Christmas things that can be made to use for Valentine decor.

Like these:

You can read more about these over on my DOLLAR DIVA BLOG.

I actually bought ONE of these stars before Christmas, not sure what I was going to do with it, but it was nice and BIG, just didn’t care for the holographic color.

They are nice and BIG; 24 “!! There’s got to be some AWESOME way to cover them. I guess I still have not gotten over my love for the big barn stars.

These are made of a heavy weight cardboard, and open up to be three-dimensional!

Just pull the string and they pop right open!

Of course the string was ‘in my way’ for what I wanted to do with mine, so I tied it off and cut it off and taped the opening shut. I’d seen the metal barn stars covered with pretty scrapbook paper, but they were cut in perfect triangles and I am NOT that patient. I needed something that I could apply more ‘randomely’.

I had been working on lots of these

And these at the time, so I had a lot of sheet music scraps already torn up!

No brainer!

Apply your paper to the side seam first and let dry overnight. Then cover the rest.

Would have been cute to hang a New Years banner across the front!

This first one I did sold in my space at Stars, but I bought LOTS more while they were on sale after Christmas. More coming soon!

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