Prettied up trinket boxes

Cute little trinket box with magnetic closure makes for a quick and easy make-over.  (found the box at dollar store!)

I cut a piece of paper big enough to cover the existing image; but left the pretty border still visible.


Then I glued a stamped piece of muslin on top of that; just a little off-center.


I added a little scrap of matching paper to the underside of the lid.


The sticky label on the bottom of this one just so happened to peel off perfectly; which is NOT usually the case.  IF it had not come off without damaging the bottom of the box, I would have glued another piece of paper to the bottom as well.

Just so happened to find another box at a different store, with the exact same design.  Went with a simpler design on this one.  Covered the whole top and front with vintage dictionary page; added a vintage post card image and a ‘paper’ key.

This one is a soap box that I saved.

This one had a very pretty design on the existing paper, so I just needed to partly cover it.  A piece of paper and a crown stamped on muslin, off-center.

A little piece of matching paper to cover the ‘non-removable’ label on the bottom of the box.

And a little piece on the underside of the lid ‘just for fun’ (this piece wasn’t really ‘necessary’ because it’s not covering anything  . . . I just thought it added a little interest!)

DREAM Banners

Believe it or not, I’m STILL using up some of the left-over supplies from back when we had our shop!  I donated a LOT of it before I moved last summer.  Sold quite a bit at a garage sale that I had after I moved last summer; and am continuing to ‘purge as I go’ in an attempt to make room to actually WORK in my craft room.

These “DREAM” scrapbook embellishment letters were my latest ‘victim’:

I had a LOT of them and really wanted to use the ALL up; and without needing to buy any new supplies to finish up with them.  (which is another challenge in and of itself; am I right, crafters???)

First I made the bigger ones, using up some burlap covered paper I had on hand; aqua paper doilies, dictionary page rosettes and scalloped edge die cuts.

When I ran out of the burlap paper, I made them using kraft card-stock for the backing.

When I ran out of the Kraft card-stock, but STILL had not used up all the letters;  I made some smaller sheet music backings; and used the same scallop edge die cut backings for the letters.  I COULD have made these as big as the burlap ones; and added the doily and rosette.  But I figured of they were going to be ‘different’ make them really DIFFERENT.

P1260265The smaller size banner has the advantage of being ‘package-able’; which is nice to protect them from damage.  I cut up ONE sheet of white poster board (2 for $1.00 at Dollar Tree!) and had enough to back all five of the small banners.  The cello ‘sleeves’ that I then covered them with are ‘re-used’ packaging from the stencils I buy.

I did package the bigger burlap banners, but they have to be folded up to do so.


So, for displaying them in my booth at Stars, I hang one of them; and put the packages below.


Super simple soap box upcycle

Remember this GIANT jar of soaps in my bathroom?


See that extra big square bar, behind the oval bar sitting in front of the jar?


That extra big bar of soap came in a really nice box.


TOO nice of a box to just throw away.


Long sides on the lid so it closes securely.  Would have been a nice box just for storing small craft supplies in . . . . but you KNOW I can never leave well enough alone!


Since this box was ‘mostly plain’, it was a super simple make-over.  First I added a piece of paper over the writing on the underside of the lid.  (I got this cool wrapping paper with the writing on it from Ballard Designs.  It was NOT cheap, but it’s SO pretty!  And I’ll get a lot of mileage out of it using it for craft projects.)  ANY kind of paper could be used for something like this: old book pages, vintage sheet music, wrapping paper, tissue paper . . . .


For covering the outside, I measured from the front, across the top, down the back, and around to the bottom; so I had one long piece to cover the whole area.


For applying paper to things like this, I’ve found it MUCH easier to put the glue on the ITEM (as opposed to the paper).  Tacky glue is my glue of choice.  I covered the front part with glue and pressed on the paper; then applied glue to the top and smoothed the paper over it . . .and continuing all the way around to the bottom.  By just doing a small section at a time, it’s easier to smooth out any air bubbles.


Since the sides were plain, I didn’t need to cover them; but if they had needed covering, I’d cover the sides FIRST, letting that piece overlap a little on the front and top.  Those little overlapped pieces will be covered when apply the rest of the paper.


Easy peasey!!!  As an afterthought I decided it needed something on the front.  I just ran a little piece of a twig across my belt sander to give it a flat side and glued it on as a handle.


These make great little gift boxes or storage boxes.

Upcycled card boxes

Some boxes are just too nice to toss onto the recycle bin once you’ve emptied them.


Like these boxes that contained blank notecards.  Oftentimes I even frame the pretty cards; but this post is about the empty boxes.

They both have ‘hidden magnetic clasps’, so they open and re-close very easily.

P1170361On this one I’ll need to cover the inside of the lid also, but the other one is ‘neutral enough’ that I could leave it ‘as is’ if I wanted to.

P1170372Here is how I cut one 12″ x 12″ sheet of scrapbook paper to cover the floral box.

P1170375First I glued the strips on the sides.  (used tacky glue)

P1170376Overlapping a bit on the front and back.

P1170377Then the big piece of paper I glued, starting at the front flap, covering the lid, the back spine and as far onto the bottom of the box and back up the lower front of the box.

P1170384I opted to leave the inside of this one ‘as is’ since it was so neutral.

P1170386A couple of little embellishments to the lid and it’s done.

P1170382On the shell box I used left over bits and pieces of scrap paper.  Old dictionary page on the bottom.

P1170381A combination of papers and a picture on the lid.  (I left the sides ‘as is’ on this box; since they were neutral)

P1170383Some sheet music paper inside the lid, and more dictionary page on the bottom.

P1170390And I ALWAYS add a little bit of paper shred inside my boxes.  For these I used some hand folded and hand cut vintage sheet music.  It’s just a little ‘extra touch’ that I like to do.


Found a little ‘love’ sticker in my stash that suited this box.


Done!  The smaller one in the center came from Dollar Tree, and I embellished it similarly to how I did the two card boxes.   It was all green except for the top, which had some kind of design on it that I can’t even recall right now!  I just covered the top and bottom of it, and added the embellishments.

Next time you get ready to toss an empty box into the recycle bin; pause for a moment to consider if it might be prettied up and re-used first.

More paper wreaths and making do

This is what I’ve used in the past to make my wreaths with leaves cut from old book pages and/or sheet music.  Used to be able to get the green foam wreath forms at dollar stores.  NOT any more though.  And I REFUSE to pay ‘craft store prices’ for styrofoam products!  So I always keep an eye out for them at thrift stores, rummage and garage sales.  But even there, it’s been pretty slim pickins!

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 017I scored a few of them recently and made a new batch of wreaths using ‘tea stained’ vintage sheet music leaves.

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 002Just prior to this I had been working on some sea glass wreaths, for which I need FLAT wreath forms.  For those I cut out two circles from cardboard and glue them together, then cover them with paper; kind of decopage style.  Once dry, all the layers make it sturdy enough to hold up to the weight of the sea glass.  I had a few extras of those flat wreath forms and decided to try the paper leaves on those!  Above is the resulting wreath.

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 003

And I actually quite LIKED how it turned out UNTIL I saw them side by side.  And the flat one just looked TOO flat.  But it’s funny because in this photo, I like the flat one (on the left) better!

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 005From this angle though, the one on the rounded wreath form looks better.  BUT since they are becoming so hard to find . …

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 016I guess I’ll be doing the flatter version more often.  As long as I don’t have the two versions side by side for comparison, the ‘make-do’ flat wreath forms will work just fine.

A little love . . .

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 029Very simple vintage little frame with backing missing.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 030

The original backing had obviously been GLUED on by the looks og the back.  I layed it atop a damp dishcloth for 30 minutes or so to loosen the paper, then peeled off as much as I could by hand.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 031Rummage through my Valentine theme scrapbook stuff and find this simple little love tag.  Look through my paper and find some that nicely contrasts with the

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 032Glue tag in center of paper, then glue

 paper to a cardstock backing and plop behind orignal mat that came with the frame.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 033

Even after I cleaned up the back as best I could, it was pretty scraggly looking!  So I cut a big piece of kraft cardstock and glued it to cover the entire back.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 034

Sweet little sign to display with my Valentine goods at Stars.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 035

But it doesn’t necessarily SCREAM Valentine.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 101Perfect compliment to this neutral colors display; sitting in an easel.  (but I did put a sawtooth hanger on the back so it can be hung on a wall also.  Always nice to offer BOTH options to your customers whenever possible.)

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 103

A few new paper pretties

Well I haven’t had time to break into my new GINORMOUS Costco pack of embellishments, but I did finish up a few other little projects to show you.


More playing with paper . . . .

This is one of the vintage repro post cards we just got in.  I simply plopped it into this pretty glittery pink picture frame.

I got these journals over a year ago.  Love the aged, lined paper inside, but the covers just ‘didn’t grab me’.  And obviously didn’t grab many of my customers because I don’t think I’ve sold a one of them!

Time for a make-over!  I started with these assorted embellishments purchased at the craft store:

Then rifled through my paper stash to find papers that suited the embellishments AND the color of the covers of the journals.  Slapped on some paper and embellishments and VOILA!

Close up of each one:

And a few more framed paper craft thingys:

Left space in the middle for a photograph on this ‘baby girl’ one:

I REALLY need a new (better!) digital camera so I can take close up pictures!  sigh.  Maybe, someday.

Been playing with paper!!!

For these tags I used scrap cardboard (saved from anything and everything!)  to make them nice and sturdy, glued my pretty paper on (to the BAD side)  and let the glue cure over night.  I just hand cut my tag shapes.  Not perfect, but I don’t have a die cut machine.   And added assorted embellishments.