Freebie tag image


Isn’t this a beautiful tag?!?!?  The artist is sharing a down-loadable and printable image on her blog.  Just follow this link:


Little inspirations

I bought these little 2×3 unfinished frames at the craft store AGES ago.  One of those things that sat and sat until I could figure out how to make use of them.  So, finally I just decided to paint them black and distress them, thinking that an idea would come to me.  Nope.  They went back to sitting in a pile for a while longer!

Then one day I was exploring my paper craft supply pile (I forget what all I have in there!) and found these tiny little word embellishments with raised borders.  Decided to put those in the frames, backed with some tea stained (using my special recipe; not actual tea) paper. 

Small and simple, but very sweet!

Couldn’t get a clear enough picture for you to be able to read the words in the photo.  They were things like, wish, dream, believe, play, explore etc.  Had to leave the glass out to accommodate the raised borders of the words.  NOW I just have to figure out what I can do with a bunch of 2×3 pieces of glass!

Happy crafting!


Angi’s Angels raises funds for Race for the Cure


Beautiful handcrafted cards and tags by Angi’s Angels

A couple of months ago, Angi and a group of gals who work together decided to participate in Portland’s Race for the Cure.  Many of them being young and busy mom’s, the ‘getting sponsors’ part of the event kind of slipped by them.  But their inspiration and desire to raise funds for this worthy cause had been sparked, and they got to brain-storming . . . .

What they came up with was some beautiful handcrafted cards and tags that they would sell and donate the proceeds.  Something they could work on year round.  Angi, who has been a customer in our store from the very beginning asked me if we might be willing to market the cards in our store.  I agreed to sell the cards and tags in our store and give back 100% of the sales to Angi’s Angels, who in turn donate it all to the Race for the Cure!

When the group recently got together at Angi’s house to work on cards, Angi’s husband’s grandmother, who is a breast cancer survivor herself, has had a double mastectomy, and suffered a stroke, wanted to know what they were doing.  They showed grandma how they were folding pretty paper to make designs for the cards and grandma decided she wanted to help too and has become chief paper folder!

These cards are truly works of art!  Perfect from framing and gift giving.  A gift you can feel really good about buying and giving.  A gift that gives hope . . . .