Outdated – Updated: Little wood stool

Little stools are one of those things I’m ALWAYS on the look out for.  They consistently sell well, AND are really handy for creating height in my booth displays.

Found this little oval one a while back.  Took a fair amount of sanding to sand down the painted on angel design; but after that it was quick to re-paint.

I left the brown base-coat, and gave the top a fresh base of brown before painting the whole thing aqua.  Some hand sanding and a stenciled design on top and DONE!

Available for purchase in my booth at Stars.

New batch of finials – black this time

I haven’t made any new finials in a LONG time!

P1180373Used some old ‘lawn chess’ pieces, wood pillars, round plaques and wood fence post topper.  Glued them together like this.

P1180374Added two round base pieces, in graduated sizes to this base to better balance out the width of the middle of it.

P1180376Really just ‘played around’ with the parts and pieces to see what looked the best, then glued them in place.

P1180480A can of black spray paint and some tea stained muslin ribbon and voila!






P1180488Found a candle holder after I had put all the finials together and decided to paint it black to use in the grouping.

P1180489Used a sheer bow on the candle holder to break up the look of all the muslin ribbons.


P1180491I’ll be taking these to Stars in the near future; and be adding more Paris Apartment style items.

Not quite there yet . . .but still working on it!

I had to make a trip to town on Friday, so I decided to stop in at Curiosisites and drop off some more inventory.  And to rearrange a bit, now that the other side wall to my booth had been installed.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 027My space now consists of walls on two sides and two open sides, much like I do in my space at Stars.  Now that I had both walls to work with, I moved ALL my crates over to the one wall.  I hadn’t AT ALL cared for how it looked with half of the crates along an open part of the space, as I had set it up on my last trip in.  It was really only temporary, while I awaited the installation of my wall; so I figured ‘what the heck’; why not try something a little different?!?!

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 058This is how the crates are now.  And it is temporary too!  Once Michael is able to come with me and help me install the pegboard on the two walls (so I can ‘properly’ hang my signs!) I’ll have to move the crates again!  The pegboard will only go about half way down, so maybe I’ll leave the crates below that??

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 034And in case you are wondering why I don’t hang the signs on the existing walls???  It’s because I can’t!  They are fabric covered office cubicle partitions, and won’t hold a nail.  The owner had ‘problems’ with the city over building divider walls for the booths,  so he had to improvise!  In the respect that it affords him a lot of flexibility to easily change up the floor plan in the future,  the cubicle walls are quite nice.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 026This is where half the crates were before.   I like the chair and TV cart there much better!

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 028Goodnight moon sign.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 033For now I am putting signs anywhere I can! Even on the end of this row of crate shelves!

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 035Very nice vintage white wicker wall cupboard.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 036Little Paris suitcase.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 043Little upcycled tables with French postmark design; and little stool with chandelier.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 034

Vintage folding tea tray with papered top.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 037

Hand painted faux clock face.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 042Gotta LOVE little pink ballet slippers!

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 044Upcycled little round table with lamp shade wire cloche top.  I really need to make a big NEST to put under that cloche!

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 045Lots of sweet vintage baby dolls from a recent estate sale, and grubby teddy bears in a vintage primitive doll cradle.  (all priced individually)

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 048Vintage ‘half table’ with papered top.  Cubby wall shelf in back and some black finials.  (lots of finials in stock right now!

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 056Big PARIS painted suitcase.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 060Lots of brown ware and primitive dishware.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 053Vintage thermos.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 054Rustic wood hearts and shutters.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 059More brownware.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 052THE firkin!  (What the heck is a FIRKIN?!?! asks Michael!)

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 065Vintage and upcycled dessert pedestals.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 062Bundles of vintage wood utensils.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 066PLease come by and check out my booth at CURIOSITIES!   

Sofa back table

Thrift store sofa back table; before.  Very outdated!

After. Nicely updated!

How I did it:  the top had a very shiney finish, so I sanded it before painting.  Basecoat the entire thing black.  Then the top coat of my signature beachy blue (which BECOMES quite ‘Paris Apartment chic when paired with the black!)   A good sanding, then I used a FOAM stamp for the design down the center.  TIP: start in the CENTER, and work your way out to be sure your design stays even.


This table is currently for sale in my space at Stars.

Newly stocked at Stars (continued)

Back over to the LEFT side of the booth; behind the half round coffee table with benches stacked on top is this:

Most of this is the black and aqua stuff.  More of a shabby Paris Apartment style.  In this section I’ve totally buried a sofa back table with the 9 part curio shelf and skinny cabinet on top.  Underneath are four assorted sizes of benches in the black and aqua.

Another little corner shelf on top of a couple more beachy blue benches.

Assorted white ‘fowl’ vessels on the curio shelf.

This tall skinny cabinet is a re-do of THIS primitive one.


These benches with the fleur-de-lis design are also make-overs of primitive ones show in the aforementioned post.

Little foot stools are always popular and good sellers.  And usually quite handy in layering displays; except (like NOW!) when I am using full size pieces to stack and layer!

This was the ONLY thing that I brought that I didn’t have room to properly display.  It’s an old TV tray, the top was completely ruined, so we saved the base and put a new, slightly bigger top on it; turning it into more of a folding table than TV tray.  NOW I want to paint EVERYTHING with stripes!

This tall white shabby shelf (yet another recent primitive make-over!) is situated to kind of divide the space in half.

LOVE these shabby white wire baskets!















Can you believe ALL that stuff is crammed into an 8’x10′ space?!?!?

Gaudy gold frames; from cheap to CHIC

Assorted dollar store frames with pretty detail, but cheap-o looking  metallic paint.

 Pretty details, but much to cheap and gaudy looking paint.

Just add some pretty aqua spray paint for instant CHIC!

They look nice left blank and grouped on a wall.

Or maybe clustered together on a little shelf.

Or add a pretty sheer ribbon hanger to one and hang it on a door instead of a wreath.

 I like using them like this, propped against the back of a shelf, to add a little POP of color.  (in my space at Stars)

Old cane back chair ~shabby cottage chic make-over.

Sigh.  Once AGAIN, I got too excited when the sun came out and dashed outside and started painting . . .forgetting to take a before photo!  Sorry!  My bad.  Originally this chair was dark DARK brown, with a brown leather covered seat, that had obviously sat upon for many, MANY years!

First I removed the seat, saving it just long enough for Michael to use it as a template to cut me a new seat base.  For some reason these VERY dark brown older chairs ‘bleed PINK’ when you add your first coat of paint.  I used a good coat of KILZ primer, and just as I expected, it turned PINK (just on THIS chair, not on the other pieces I was working on!)  Then it took a good THREE coats of white paint to get full coverage.

The seat cushion base is smaller than the actual chair seat, as you can see.  This is to allow room for your padding and fabric.

Then I sanded the edges to distress it.  Pondered if there was anything I could do to hide that little hole in the cane back.  Michael suggested a slip cover for the back.  While that WOULD work, the curves along the back are so pretty, it seemed a shame to cover them up; besides,  I’m not good enough of a seamstress to perfectly fit a slip cover over those curves.  MY slip covers tend to resemble pillow cases!  So I just decided to leave it be.  Afterall the chair IS supposed to look old and well-loved!

Rummaged through my fabric pile to select the seat covering.  This one had a pattern reminiscent of the cane pattern, so I selected it.

About a hundred staples later . . .voila!  A 2″ foam pad atop the wood seat base; topped with quilt batting and then the fabric.  Set some fo the fabric scraps aside to cover some pillows later on.

A nice THICK and comfy seat!

Now I keep looking at the darn HOLE in the back.  It’s more noticeable in photos, because it doesn’t really bother me in person.  And the paint will ‘hold it together’ so the hole won’t get any bigger.  Whaddya think??? Does that hole bother YOU?  Would you buy an otherwise nice, shabby chic chair WITH a small hole in the back?

This chair is in storage right now; awaiting room for it in our space at Stars.

New pictures over in the Shabby Paris Apartment blog

Just re-stocked our space over at Stars Antique Mall in Portland. 

Here’s the little shelf made from an old drawer that I showed a few days ago and took to Stars.

Click HERE to see all the pictures in our other blog.

New stuff for the New Year at Shabby Paris Apartment

Visit our Shabby Paris Apartment blog to see more!


Wall mirror re-do

Picked up this wall mirror at the thrift store.

If you are buying a mirror to repaint, be sure to look at the BACK of it to see that the mirror is easily removable for quicker painting.  You ‘could’  tape off the mirror if it was not easily removable, but that’s too much work for me!  If the mirror doesn’t come out, I don’t buy it!

I thought this one would work well with the new shabby Paris apartment look I’ve been working on for the antique mall.  I painted it black, then sanded and distressed it.

It looks kind of GRAY and washed out in the picture, but it is really nice and balck with bits of the gold showing through.

Close up of distressing detail.  I use a COARSE (yes coarse!) sanding sponge for distressing my smaller pieces.  For big pieces I use the orbital sander, again with coarse paper.

You can just barely see it here peeking from behind the table at the right.  I’ve hung it on the wall with a grouping of other similarly distressed formerly gold frames which have been repainted black.

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