New batch of finials – black this time

I haven’t made any new finials in a LONG time!

P1180373Used some old ‘lawn chess’ pieces, wood pillars, round plaques and wood fence post topper.  Glued them together like this.

P1180374Added two round base pieces, in graduated sizes to this base to better balance out the width of the middle of it.

P1180376Really just ‘played around’ with the parts and pieces to see what looked the best, then glued them in place.

P1180480A can of black spray paint and some tea stained muslin ribbon and voila!






P1180488Found a candle holder after I had put all the finials together and decided to paint it black to use in the grouping.

P1180489Used a sheer bow on the candle holder to break up the look of all the muslin ribbons.


P1180491I’ll be taking these to Stars in the near future; and be adding more Paris Apartment style items.

Plastic Eiffel tower bottle

I’ve almost always kept a little ‘sub section’ of Paris chic items in my booth at Stars.  Eiffel Tower ‘sculptures’ are fairly common to find at estate/rummage sales and thrift stores.

This big plastic bottle from Paris Las Vegas is a frequently found item.  I think someone told me that it is a ‘drink container’?  (heckuva drink!!)    I have bought and re-sold several ‘as is’.  But this last time, I had a heavy glass Eiffel tower bottle and a substantial black wire Eiffel Tower sculpture; and the clear plastic just looked too ‘flimsy’ in the group.

Flat black spray paint to the rescue!  ( the cheapo $.99 can @ Home Depot kind!)  Looks SO much better painted!  I thought about taking it a step further, and lightly sanding all the raised parts to enhance the detail more.  Tested a small spot and it just looked ‘scratched up’.  SO I painted over it again.

Here it is, on display in my space at Stars.

The glass bottle has sold, and been replaces with a MUCH bigger glass bottle; shown below.  (I just forgot to take a close up picture of the new BIG glass bottle!)

Can you see it there, behind and to the right of the black wire one?  Found it at a recent rummage sale.  It WAS one of those kitchen decor bottles filled with all sorts of chili pepper and olives and green things, artfully arranged in vinegar.  

I embellished this one a little, with a turquoise felt chandelier tag, little vintage key and a snippet of pretty ribbon.  The HARDEST part with this project was getting ‘all that crud out of the bottle’!  They REALLY pack that stuff in there!  And it SMELLS!  (and not a good smell!)

More Paris themed items in the works.  A wood bread box, a vintage wood canister set and some tags!

You’ll find these items (and LOTS more!) for sale in my booth at Stars Antique Mall in Portland, Oregon.

Open 11am – 6pm seven days a week!

In spite of the heat . . .

.  . . and frequent tearful moments over the loss of my sweet old (17 years old!) kitty Lewis last week, I have managed to get a few things painted.    The silliest little things get me teary eyed!  Had a carton of yogurt for breakfast and the empty carton made me cry because Lewis loved to lick my yogurt cartons.  This cat was practically born in my lap 17 years ago.  His mama was a tad nervous about her first (and only) litter and insisted upon being IN MY LAP while she was in labor.  Afraid that she really WAS going to have them in my lap, I conceded to sitting on the floor beside her box, rubbing her belly until the kittens were born.  Mama kitty and sister kitten (she only had 2, so we kept them both) are long gone, but Lewis has been through thick and thin with me.    And I better change the subject now before I start crying again!!

 Got his 5 drawer chest finished.   Painted it white, sanded, foam stamped a design on the fronts of the drawers, then sanded again.

This is the foam stamp I used for the design on the drawer fronts.

Here you can see the difference between the stamped design before (top) and after I sanded the drawer fronts the second time..

I painted and reused the same knobs. Spray painted them white first.  Then sponge painted on the same tan as the design on the drawers.

Went for having knobs that ‘blend in’ this time.  As opposed to the big STAR knobs on the last chest I did.

A few ink stains in the drawers needed to be covered up.  I just used some kraft brown wrapping paper I had and LIGHTLY glued it down just along the edges.

Didn’t have enough of either paper to do all five drawers; so I alternated with the light and dark print.  (need to put wrapping paper on my shopping list!!)    ***another tip if the drawer bottoms are ‘really bad’, and you don’t want to paint them or replace them.  Get some white posterboard (2/$1.00 at Dollar Tree!) and cut them to use as drawer inserts!

The sides and top and just plain white; no design.

And while I had the white paint and sponge stamp out, I painted a little stool and coffee table to match!

Little oval stools like this always sell well!

This is the tapered edge coffee table I got on our daycation.  Painted and sanded.

Three rows of the stamped design added.  I didn’t start out planning to only do three rows, but when I got to this point and paused to look at it, adding more seemed like it would have been too much.  Sometimes it’s good to pause and re-evaluate your design plan.

And now sanded to lighten up the design and make it look likes it’s been there for ages!

These items are currently going into storage until the fall show.

I TOLD you I was already “Thinking Spring”!

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And here are a few pictures to prove it.

Putty and cream colored pottery; jute accents.

Balls of string.

Natural elements.

Pewter and tarnished silver. I HOPE I can find more pewter!)

A bit of Paris chic.

Lots of ‘twigs and twine’.

Blended in with sand and shells and beachy blues.

Birds and bee skeps and bears.

Earth tones and fabrics with lots of texture; like burlap. I bought this homespun and the brown burlap on two different shopping trips and didn’t even realize how well they matched until I put them in my fabric stash. The homespun really looked OLIVE GREEN and turquoise in the store. But next to the yummy cocoa brown burlap, it’s most definitely brown!

Some lighter tan burlap and onnasburg for upholstering chairs and making pillows.

This lamp will probably end up with the shabby Paris stuff. I love the ‘squareness’ of both the lamp AND shade.

So, what trends are ‘grabbing your eye’ for spring? Or are you still knee-deep in Christmas?