Sprucing up at Stars

Slipped away from show work for a bit to restock and fluff my booth at Stars:

BIG Newel post finial and coordinating cloches with post top knobs.

Sweet baby Christening hung on a wreath hanger for display.

Charmingly scuffed up vintage pink child size ballet slippers under a cloche.

The BIG BIRD cloche, as I’m calling it.

Bird cage with pedestal nest inside.

Really just added a FEW new items this time, but it LOOKS like a lot more is new because I moved the white stuff to the front.  ALWAYS try to change up your space as often as possible.  Once a week is best; twice a month at the least.  Even if you don’t have new stock, move what was in the front to the back; and bring the stuff that was in the back to the front.

Gathered up all the old books that were placed throughout the booth, and displayed them all together for greater visual impact.

I don’t know WHY the look of tattered and ‘nekkid’ books is so appealing?!?!  But I sure LOVE it!

Added more beach goods.

Stars in Portland is open seven days a week; 11am – 6pm

August 18, 2008 ~ Here’s what’s new in our space at Stars Antique Mall


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