Cloche crazy!

I’m joining the winter cloche party over at  A Stroll Thru Life.

I peeked in on a few of the others participating and there are some beautiful cloche arrangements, with all kinds of fun things displayed inside.    Since I make mine ‘to sell’ (previously in our own retail store and currently in our space at Stars Antique Mall in Portland, OR) I don’t  “fill” mine as elaborately.  But I do have a LOT of different ideas and arrangements for you to explore.

I went back through a couple of years of photos to find all of these; so many of them are long gone to new loving homes.  I do, however always keep several stocked at Stars and at the shows we do in the spring and fall.


I did fill these little ones with three chocolate truffles.   The base is composed of a silver napkin ring topped with a silver coaster.


 Care to guess what it is that I’ve used for the ‘skirt’ on these???









 Cute little crown from Dollar Tree last year.

 I sure wish I could find more of thses darling little ‘bon bon’ candles.  I scored a couple of boxes of them at the thrift store back when we had our shop and they were ‘that perfect little something’ to put in the cloches.  I had them priced separately, not really wanting to sell the bon bons.  Alas, a gal came in one day and bought up every single one of them I had.  Went through the whole store and emptied all my cloches!  I was so sad to see them go that I didn’t even ask her what she was going to use them for!






















Okay, these aren’t cloches, but apothecary jars go so well WITH cloches for displaym I just HAD to share this picture of some of my fun apothecary jars.  These are currently for sale at Stars.