Space at Camas Antique Mall updated

We are STILL offering 25% off anything/everything PINK in our space.

We need ROOM for new stuff!


































Lots more new goodies in the store!

April 17, 2008

I’ve rearranged the front wall, the beach wall and the ‘pantry’ wall and added lots of new things:




So, in y browsing of the web recently I saw a picture of a sweet little pink pumpkin.  Don’t know if it was a real one (I’ve heard they come in all kinds of designer colors these days!) or a fake one that was painted.  BUT I WANTED SOME PINK PUMPKINS! 

 I have lots of white and ivory pumpkins that I’ve brought in for fall, so I selected three of them for a ‘Sophie make-over’!

Aren’t they just too cute!!!  Don’t ask me WHY anyone would need pink pumpkins???  But I guess that’s the whole point.  They are ‘just for fun’.

After looking at them for a day I decided they needed a little ‘dressing up’.  So I took this pink berry candle ring, and clipped off a few little sprigs.

Now that’s better!

Literally MINUTES after I added the berry sprigs, a customer bought all three!