Is it JUST ME???

Okay, so we just finished up the ONE holiday show we are doing this year. After five years, we closed our retail store in September. Usually we have the store to run and keep full AND do 2-3 holiday shows. But we weeded out some of the shows this year. And you would THINK that that, and the fact that the store is now closed, would have made everything easier, right?

Well, it didn’t. Because we had SO MUCH stuff (even after three months of selling out the store at close out prices!) and just ONE selling venue, it became one VERY BIG job. ( we concluded to NEVER take that much stuf to a show ever again!) Anyhooooo

I am almost ALWAYS thinking about “what’s next” I guess.  And due to my spine damage and limitations therein, I’ve HAD to become even more of a ‘plan aheader’.    Michael’s involvement in the shows is to help deliver the product, and then pack up and take home the leftovers.  That’s it.  No small job, but fairly brief ones compared to the amount of time I spend preparing for a show.

I have to unpack and display the trailer full of stuff it took him just an hour to unload.  Then pack what’s left back up for him to haul back to the trailer and then into the storage shed.  (he does help pack up, out of necessity.  It’s just too much for me to get done on my own in the limited time frame we are allowed)

After the show I buy him dinner and thank him for his help.  And as exhausted as I am from all that work, I’m ready to start planning the next show!  To discuss the set up and what worked and what didn’t and what we should do differently next time.  My brain is working overtime on ideas.  THIS is when I am MOST inspired to think about the next show.

ironically, thinking or talking about the next show is the LAST thing Michael wants to do at this time!  Is it just me???  Or are you other ‘creative souls’ out there like this too?  With your brain in overdrive with ideas for the next thing so soon after finishing up the last thing?

I feel like I do my best thinking while it’s fresh in my mind.  If I wait too long, I’ll forget what an inconvenience a certain thing was and forget to change it for the next show.    How about you?

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