Vintage glass Christmas balls

Love the look of them, but hate to use them on my trees because they break so easily!  Here’s what I did with a bunch of them I got at a recent estate sale, using inexpensive glass jars purchased at the craft store:

Sophie’s favorite color Christmas tree PART III


One turquoise tree just wasn’t enough for Sophie!  Here’s the second one!

Closer view of the topper:

I couldn’t find giant turquoise ornaments, so I painted them myself!

Jars and bowls full of more ornaments under the tree:

Are you inspired yet?!?!?!

Sophie’s favorite Christmas color PART II


Sophie’s favorite color Christmas tree!


Sophie just LOVES this metallic lime green Christmas tree with turquoise and aqua ornaments!

The blue and green garlands set the tome for the color theme of the tree.  They would look great draped across a mantle or swagged across a window too!

Closer look at some of the ornaments:  (are those turquoise feather ball ornaments FABULOUS or what?!?!)

The painted cutout wood words and glitter stars add varying textures to the tree:

A blue tin star on the top and a BIG glittery twisty vine thingy up the center of the tree.  I really like adding ‘one big thing’ to the front and center of trees for more interest.

Mistletoe Princess doll:

A basket full of pretty beaded ornaments:

A few gift items nestled under the tree. 

A lime green bottle brush tree:  (I SO love the way lime green plays off the varying shades of turquoise!)

Giant sized green ball ornaments and pale aqua tin stars: