Vintage baby doll.


Isn’t she a cutie?!?!P1210772

Big vintage baby doll is one of my latest thrifting finds.P1210773Her hair was cracking and peeling off, so I glued some of it back in place.  (see the glue drips!?)  I can actually remember having dolls with these kinds of ‘curls’ when I was little.

P1210775One of her legs is ‘taped’ on.

P1210770And her eyes are a little ‘creepy’.  (maybe she was a prop for a horror movie?!?)

P1210774Her fabric body is very badly stained.

P1210771But there is still something kind of endearing about her, to me at least!


I love the shape of her mouth.P1210779I think I am going to have to KEEP her . . . for a while at least.

Now I don’t normally ‘brave the toy aisle’ at Goodwill.  Too many kids playing unsupervised, toys all over the floor, making it impossible to push your cart through . . . .and I’m just not that ‘into’ vintage toys.  The few times I HAVE looked at the toys, nearly all of them were ‘newer’ ones anyhow.

But THEN, at the store closest to Stars (which I have begun frequenting after I work on my booth) while in the check out line a few weeks ago I saw another lady with several ‘cool vintage dolls’ (like this one I just found) in her cart!  So of COURSE, now that I SAW what I was missing, I’m making it a point to peruse the toy aisle; at least at this particular store.

There was one other similar doll that I grabbed . . and quickly put back!  It was one of those with a regular doll head, and a stuffed animal body!!  ACK!  WHO invented those things and WHY!  They are just CREEPY!  Most of them anyhow, and definitely that one was creepy.  A fleshy tan color reclining body with a baby doll head.  Totally creeped me out!

For a split second I considered buying it ‘for the head only’ but the thought of decapitating it and disposing for the body made me a little nauseous.  So I left it for someone else.

Then I remembered, I actually HAVE one of those ‘fur body’ dolls!?!?!  But mine is very cute.

P1210838And her fur body is turquoise.  I gave her a crown and considered adding some little buttons down her front to make the fur look more like fuzzy jammies.  But I usually put her ‘at the back’ of a group of dolls so that all that really shows is her head.

So then I go to wondering about the history of these dolls with fur/animal bodies??? Were they originally manufactured like that?  Or was this something where people took 2 broken toys and put them together to make one whole toy??  I wish I had taken a picture of the one at GW to show you.

Do any of you know anything about the history of this style of doll?  I’m just curious.

P1210794Back to the baby doll for a moment.  Even with her wonky eyes, she is quite photogenic!

P1210799Now I just have to figure out what to NAME her!

I found the bodies!!!


DOLL bodies that is!

At the point in my ‘clearing stuff out’ process that I was actually able to get to the BACK of the storage shed to a stack of bins that were put there FIVE years ago, and too much stuff piled in front of them till now to be able to get to them!

I ‘had’ out nice neat sticky labels on the end of each bin, but those had long fallen off. So, THIS is what was in one of them . . . . a dozen NAKED raggedy bodies. Faces and legs already painted and tea stained. Dresses already cut out and ready to sew.


So it would be really fast and easy to finish these off. Could probably get them all done in a day. But my question ISSSSSSSSSSSSSS . . . . . Are simple raggedy type dolls like this still “IN”???

raggey 001

These are pictures of finished ones from ‘back when’ they were a BIG thing.


I don’t get out much to even know if things like this are popular anymore! Well, ACTUALLY we don’t even have any other ‘country style’ stores or craft malls around here anymore. But it’s been some time since I’ve seen dolls of this like at the shows we do.


So, whaddya think??? Worth my time to finish them up right now? Or should I pack them away for another ten years and bring them back as ‘collectibles’?!?!?

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