KindREd spirit

Remember the article in the Oregon Home magazine last week?  Well, the gal who wrote that also has a FABULOUS blog called  RePlace in  PDX.  And she shared her article about my blog in her blog too!  

Where MY blog is more about decorating and what to do with old stuff and how to remake and reuse that old stuff.  Her RePlace blog is more of a resource guide of WHERE to find all kinds of old and reusable materials.  

A PERFECT companion to my blog!  I’m definitely adding her blog to my list.  If you are local to the Portland area, I hope you’ll do the same!  And when you visit Nancy’s RePlace blog; please tell her I sent you!  It’s important to me to ‘return her kindness’ in sharing my blog with her readers! 

We gREen people gotta stick together!