Carload of reclaimed fence boards.

Visiting one of my very best friends this last summer, and returned home with this!  LOTS of mossy grey weathered cedar fence boards.  I was literally GIDDY with ideas and possibilities of what I was going to make with these beauties.

My first project was some simple signs, using laser cut metal words glued to a piece of the natural weathered wood.

A few of them have gone to my wall space at Stars.  The rest of them will be going to the upcoming fall show at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Mid-November.

Next I decided to try my hand at making some BIG rustic Farmhouse style trays.  This one is the prototype.  LOVE these super long wrought iron handles.  They were an estate sale find, and unfortunately a ‘one time find’.  Well, I probably COULD find more like them if I really searched on-line, but they would probably be cost prohibitive for me to use on my trays.  I’ll have to find some other handles that will work.

Then I went on to make three more; one of which is an EXTRA long 38″.  The other two are 24″ and 25″ long; all are 11.5″ wide and just under 4″ deep.  I have taken ALL of these to my booth at Stars for the time being.  If I don’t get more of them built before the fall show, I may pull a couple from Stars to take to the show.  Priced $37.00 – 59.00.

On the extra long tray I used the ‘beefy’ black metal handles.  On the other two, slightly smaller black handles, on the sides of one tray and on the top sides of the other.

I’ve only made one of these little stools thus far.  It’s 11″ x 6″ x 5″.  I’ll probably make another batch of them a little later; graduated stacking sizes.  This stool has gone to my wall space at Stars.  $10.00.

I saw the idea for reclaimed wood shutters on Pinterest.  Adding the removable little boxwood wreaths with the metal words and red truck ornament is my own idea.  Making the embellishments removable makes it easier for the buyer to use them to decorate with year round, instead of having to pack them away after the holidays.  $29.00 with the wreaths.

Decorating with arrows is very popular right now.  I made assorted shapes and sizes of wood arrows with hangers on the back to hang on the wall.  I made a couple dozen of these.  They will be going to the fall show.  Priced $5 – 14.00.

This is my take on something ‘somewhat similar’ that I saw on Pinterest.  They measure 12″ x 13″; and will be going to my booth at Stars and to the fall show.  $29.00.

I forgot my camera last week, so I didn’t get pictures of all of these items in my booth.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! And, yes, MORE tables!

More like GOOD RIDDANCE to 2009, eh?

Onward to better things and the grandest of possibilities in this new year.

I guess I’ve been on a bit of a ‘table binge’ lately.  Here are a few more I finished last month, awaiting our bigger space at Stars.  For these I re-purposed a couple of bar stools for the table bases.

The ‘vision’ I have for this whole slew of round tables is to fill the middle of our space with them, all grouped together.  Different heights, sizes and styles . . . but all in shades of white and cream.  Then a small grouping of accessories on each table.

I guess we’ll see if the reality measures up to my vision.  I’ve never seen an arrangement like this and it could well look totally STUPID.  But, no harm in trying.  How else are new decorating trends started.

Both of these tables were made  the same, using an old bar stool for the bases; one taller than the other, both spray painted white and both tops painted the same shade of tan.

I started this project EONS ago, and took pictures of the stool bases back then, and of course I can’t find those pics to show you now!  Just basic wood bar stools.  The tops are ‘scrounged’ plywood that Michael attached to the base for me (screwed on from underneath)  Had to fill a few tiny holes.  Sand.  Paint.  Sand to distress, add foam stamp border in contrasting color.  Sand off some of border to distress.  Add a quick coat of RL tobacco glaze.  Let dry.  Add a couple of coats of satin varnish.

Apothecary chests, firkins and treasure boxes

Reproduction firkins.


Handcrafted little apothecary chests.  I bought the little drawer parts, and had Michael cut and attach the back handle pieces to them.  Can you see the ‘itty bitty bun feet’ on this one?  How sweet are those?!?!?  I want to put bun feet on everything now!

You can just baaaaaaarely see them on this treasure chest, but it’s got the bun feet too!  All of these treasure chests are completely handmade by Michael and me using reclaimed wood for the boxes.

We also have the boxes, and handles and feet etc, avaialbe unfinished if you want to create your own.

And we have the carved wood appliques (like I used on the front of this one) available to purchase unfinished.  They are great for dressing up any simple piece of furniture.


Little boxes made from reclaimed wood


Michael built these simple boxes with lids out of reclaimed wood.

For the darker primitive ones, I base-coated the outside with black paint first.

Applied my second coat of paint color and sanded a little to distress.  I ‘just happened’  to be making some checkerboards at the same time and decided to use the stencil on a couple of the boxes.  Apparently it was a good idea because the two with the checkerboard sold right away.

I wanted a way to keep the lids in place that would be fairly simple.  Had Michael cut two little strips of luan which I glued to the underside of the lids.

I ‘thought’ they were done at this point, but as they sat on my work table and I kept looking at them, I decided they needed FEET and a knob.

So I went digging through my big box of assorted small wood parts and found some wood spools and candle holders that I decided would make nice little feet.  And some wood knobs (which I’ve also used as feet in the past!)

Just glued them on with tacky glue.

Measured and marked the center of the lid for the knobs, predrilled a hole and screwed them in from the underside.  They look much more ‘finished’ now.

Although I did go back and add a wood carved applique to the black one.

Then I decided to do a couple of lighter colored shabby ones.

Used the wood carved appliques.  And little wood ‘game pieces’ for the feet. 

Since these didn’t have as much surface area to glue, I predrilled holes in them and the bottom of the boxes.  Glued the legs on right over my predrilled holes; then screwed them on from the inside.

For the knobs on the shabby ones I used some little wood BOWLS!

SO, Michael and I were discussing what we should replace the scrapbook section with once all that stuff is sold out (it’s all on clearance right now) and we decided to put in a ‘do it yourselfer’ section that will contain things like these unfinished boxes, the stuff for knobs and feet, the carved wood appliques, unfinished wood napkin holders . . . like these:

Some wood boxes withOUT lids, like these:

All kinds of great things that you can paint and finish yourself!  We’re hoping to have the DIY section up and running the first part of February.



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