I broke it!!

See the tallish nekkid statue in the middle of the two stools there?  It’s one of my all time favorite finds!  It’s actually a lamp base, with a hole in the top and one on the back side for lamp works.  I liked it as a just a statue though.

She was a little scuffed up when I found her, so I gave her a good dose of satin white spray paint.

She originally went to the Junk Salvation show.   Didn’t sell there, so I took her to Camas. Didn’t sell there either, so I packaged her back up for a trip to Stars.  Upon arrival at Stars I discover she’s got a broken arm!!!  I was crushed!

The entire left arm, snapped off at the shoulder!  I tried just gluing it back on, but you could REALLY tell it had been broken.  Alas, it was destined to go where ALL my good but damaged stuff goes . . .into my personal collection!  Then I was working on some faux finials and the light bulb went off!!  Why not cover up the repair line with some drywall compound?!?! 

Initially I was thinking that I could just plaster over the repair line, but it was too noticeable.  So, I just lightly plastered over the WHOLE THING, as if that was how it was meant to be, and freshened up the paint job.

I actually think I like this raw and rustic look MORE than the original smooth finish!

And here she is, awaiting her new home at Stars!  (with a lower price, of course!)