Wicker picnic basket

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 052At first glance, this vintage wicker picnic basket looked like a good deal.

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 053Upon closer inspection, I noticed a good portion of the front had come loose.

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 054And this spot on the back had the braiding pulled away and fraying.  That was really more work than I wanted to do, so I was going to pass on it.

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 055My friend, Carolyn who was with me commented, “You can fix that!”  And the ‘innards’ were in good condition, and it wasn’t ‘smelly’, so I bought it.

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 056Although WHY they would use HEAVY particle board for the bottom is beyond me.  I doubt that I could even lift this thing, let alone carry it if it was full!

2,8.13 LTRS etsy stars birds 003The front trim that had pulled away was fairly easy to repair.  Some tacky glue between the base and the wicker, then small nails through the braiding.  Looks like it will hold well for a good bit of time now.

2,8.13 LTRS etsy stars birds 002Even the frayed braid on the back ‘fixed up’ better than I expected.

2.12.13 etsy projects 001

Haven’t decided yet if it’s a ‘keeper’ or will be sold.  For now I am using it to hide my magazine stash in the living room!

Maybe later, IF we ever get some dry weather, I’ll dry brush paint it white.