Well whaddya know! He DOES read my blog!!!

Michael that is!  Oftentimes I will make a comment to him about something that I have written in the blog, and USUALLY he has not read it, so then I have to backtrack and tell him what was in the blog that relates to what I was telling him in the first place!  So, I’ve kind of gotten in the habit of just not talking about what I’ve put in the blog until HE brings it up and I know he’s read it.

The Saturday after I posted the idea (that a customer mentioned to me at the store) for repurposing a CD rack into a ribbon holder, I walked out the door to go to my car to head to the store and sitting right there is a CD tower!  I should have KNOWN Michael had one in his stash somewhere! 

He walks up to me grinning and ssays, “Wouldn’t that make a great ribbin rack?!?!”  hehe

And yes it does indeed make a great ribbon rack.  Here it is all filled up with my ribbon collection at the store.  It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO nice to have it all right there at hand!



There is even room for my tissue paper at the bottom!  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-HA!

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