The jelly bean dilemma!

I want to thank all of you who offered suggestions for what to call the little gift boxes of jelly beans.  They were all good ideas and I really liked them all.  I was just ‘stuck’ on wanting to stay with ‘cupid’ as the first word to keep the ‘theme’ going.  And further stuck with wanting both words to begin with a ‘k’ sound to sort of match the cupid corn and cupid kisses.

So, here’s what I finally came up with!

Here are the tags I made for the other two:

Someone asked me where they might find little plastic boxes like these to just buy.  (Other than buying the packaged ribbon and using the empties)  I’ve never seen anything like them, but then I’ve never really LOOKED for them.  But if I WAS going to look for them I’d probably search the internet first to get some ideas of types of places to look locally.

 Perhaps places like bakeries have something similar.  And I know that the big paper store in our area has all kinds of paper and cardboard boxes that they sell.  I’ve not noticed CLEAR ones, but as I said, I’ve not specifically looked.  I have noticed ‘frosted’ plastic boxes.  And ‘velum type’ little Chinese take out boxes.

SO, if any of you find a source for the boxes, DO TELL!

Valentine goody boxes!

Okay, remember those spools of pretty ribbon in the last post????

Well, they came in these little clear plastic boxes.

I take them out of the boxes because I like how they look piled into clear glass bowls.  But I just hated throwing away all those cute little boxes.  So, here’s what I did!

Cleaned them up real good.  Put some assorted candies (candy corn and jelly beans) into little plastic zipper bags and put the bags of candies in the clear plastic boxes.  Since the chocolate kisses are individually wrapped, they did not need to go in the zipper bags.  Then I taped the boxes shut and tied on a pretty red ribbon!  Well???? Whaddya think????

I want to print up some tags to put on the bows.

Cupid corn on the candy corn

Cupid kisses on the kisses

But I don’t know what to put on the jelly bean ones?!?!?!  I’ve seen them done as ‘cupid poop’, but that is one idea I’d rather NOT use.  Any suggestions?

Here they are all piled onto a cake pedestal:

And a box of the kisses in a ceramic heart dish in a table setting: