Love potion No. 9 bottles

Time to get the Valentine goodies into my booth st Stars.  

Needed some new “Love Potion No.9” bottles.

P1170652Just rifled through my bottle stash and selected assorted shapes and sizes.


Used some vintage sheet music in the background and labels hand stamped on tea stained paper.

P1170654None of these particular bottles had lids or corks.  In the past I have covered the tops with paper or cheesecloth, then wrapped string around the necks.  Wanted to do something different this year, so I glued on round clear flat mosaic pieces. (they look like flattened marbles!)

P1170669Used my trusty e6000 to glues the glass tops on, and tacky glue for the paper labels.

P1170655Wrapped the necks with whatever scraps of paper I had that coordinated and tied some just around it and added a little key charm.

P1170657I really tried to make each bottle unique; did some labels vertically.

P1170658It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the label backing on this one is a half round as the bottle flares out a bit.

P1170660This ended up being my LEAST favorite!!  And initially it was my favorite bottle; such a pretty shape!  But that pretty shape made it very difficult to glue a label on!  Live and learn!  Save the shapely bottles for a different project!

P1170661Another vertical label.

P1170662On some of the necks I added a lot of string, just a little on others.

P1170663After letting my e6000 cure overnight, I decided to add another smaller piece on top!

P1170666All of these have gone to my booth at Stars.

Trash to treasure; French glass bottles

Well, actually ‘recycle’ to treasure!  Because we would never THROW away a glass bottle.  It goes to the recycle station, along with about 70% of the rest of our ‘trash’.

These bottles contained some fruit flavored carbonated beverages from France, so I decided to save them.

Waited until last week to make them because I usually make labels for stuff like this on my computer, and print them up.  Alas, my printer did not get re-installed after the recent CRASH, and I have been unsuccessful in doing so myself.   So I had to make the labels ‘the old fashioned way’ (as you can probably tell by the smudge!)

I rifled through my multitude of rubber stamps and found the fancy ‘love’ stamp.  Used 2 different sizes of alphabet stamps for the rest of the label.  Stained the edges with ‘my’ grubby stain recipe (available to purchase in my etsy shop)  First a layer of old sheet music, then the label I stamped.  The  cotton trim along the bottom came already printed (AND is also for sale in my etsy shop!)

Around the necks, I glued a strip of paper, wrapped a lot of string, then tied on a little reproduction skeleton key.

Simple as that!